May 24, 2017

Buy US iTunes Gift Cards and PlayStation Network Cards in Nigeria at Quickteller With ATM Card

Looking for where to purchase/Buy US iTunes Gift Cards and PlayStation Network Cards in Nigeria. It now easy, you can now make use of Quickteller With ATM Card to purchase iTunes Gift Card and PlayStation Network cards online here in Nigeria using your Debit Card. Quicketeller has partnered with iCadia to make this possible.

This simply means you can now easily create and fund US iTunes account in Nigeria making use of your Nigerian Visa or Mastercard. A US iTunes account allows you to download apps that are not available in Nigerian app store from the US App store. As at the time of publishing this post, they have PlayStation network cards (US) $10 for N5,800; $10 US iTunes Gift Cards for N6000.

How To Buy US iTunes Card at

==> Log in to . Sign up for an account if you don't have one.

==> Go to :

==> Click on the "select an option" dropdown box and select the type of card you want to purchase.

==> Enter your phone number and email address in the spaces provided and click "continue"

==> Click "Pay" on the confirmation page. You will be redirected to the payment page where you can enter details of your ATM card.

That's all.

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Google Can Now Disable Adsense Ads On Specific Pages Instead of Entire Site

In light of direct input from distributers, to how Adsense strategies are implemented and imparted to distributers, Google has reported the presentation of arrangement activities at the page level and another strategy place for distributers that utilization Adsense. Through and through, this implies less disturbances and more promotions straightforwardness for distributers.

Before now, in the event that you abuse Google Adsense approach, google advertisements will be debilitated on your site. As Google takes off page-level arrangement activity as the new default for substance infringement, Google will now have the capacity to quit demonstrating advertisements on select pages, while leaving promotions up on whatever is left of your site's great substance.

As indicated by Google, site-level activities will in any case be upheld when important, for example, on account of constant infringement, which certainly will prompt the end of the distributer's Adsense account. The organization guarantees that the arrangement will enable it to act all the more immediately when it needs to expel promotions from a distributer's site.

Then again, the Adsense arrangement focus will fill in as a one-stop search for everything distributer has to think about strategy activities that influence his/her destinations and pages. Along these lines, if an advertisement gets expelled from your site and you need to know why, you can simply get the information at the strategy focus.

You will have the capacity to perceive any reason why approach moves were made and the infringement found, including page-level activity information, so you can rapidly resolve these issues over every one of your locales and pages utilizing well ordered directions. The Policy Center will likewise make it simple for distributers to reveal to Google when approach issues have been settled and their pages are prepared for audit.

What's your thought on this?
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May 23, 2017

How To Fund Your Nigeria (NGN) Barter Wallet With Visa, MasterCard, Verve and Bank Account using Getbarter.Co

Recently, I wrote on how to fund your USA Barter Wallet using getbarter, virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. Barter makes it easy for Finance for developers for startups for individuals for sales to track team spending.

Today, I am going to teach you how to fund your Nigeria Barter Wallet using Getbarter. Here you just need to create connect your bank account to getbarter. Create a getbarter account here if you have none.

Step 1 : Log in into your getbarter account. Click the left tab option and tap "Wallet"

Step 2 : Navigate to the NGN section.

Step 3 : Now choose your preferred funding source. Any of MasterCard, Verve, Visa or Bank Account. All these funding source are useful.

Step 4 : Now follow the remaining process. If you choose Mastercard Verve or Visa, fill in the given requirements and continue.

Step 5 : If it is your bank account you wanna fund, tap on Bank Account then put the amount of money you want to fund, then move on by clicking "Fund Your Wallet". Now choose your bank

Step 6 : Add your Phone Number and Pay to fund the amount into to your bank wallet.

Successfully, you have fund your Nigeria Barter Wallet.
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May 22, 2017

How To Fund Your USA Barter Wallet Using Getbarter - Connect Your USA Bank Account To Getbarter

In my last post on how to create a virtual Card with getbarter, I explained that virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. Barter makes it easy for Finance for developers for startups for individuals for sales to track team spending.

Here I want to teach you How To Fund Your USA Barter Wallet Using Getbarter that is, Connect Your USA Bank Account To Getbarter. This is very easy for users in USA and little for Non USA.

How To Fund Your USA Barter Wallet Using Getbarter 

Connecting Your USA Bank Account To Getbarter

Step 1 : Log in into your Getbarter account. Don't have an account, sign up here

Step 2 :  Tap the Option Tab and click Wallet. In the Fund My USA Barter Wallet section, click link saying "Connect Your USA Account"

Step 3 : A new tab will pop up displaying banks in the United States. Not all banks. Choose your USA Bank. If your bank is not available, you can search.

Step 4 : Mine is Bank of America. Tap on it.

Step 5 : Fill in the required in the next page. That is your Online Code and Passcode then click Submit.

That all, you have successfully linked your USA Bank Account with your Getbarter. You can now fund your USA
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How To Create a Virtual Credit Card with

Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. Barter makes it easy for Finance for developers for startups for individuals for sales to track team spending.

Create virtual cards and give them to your business partners and colleagues. Keep track of upcoming expenses and manage your teams spending all in one place.

Step 1 : Go to First visit their website

Step 2 : Tap the option icon and then click signup

Step 3 : Fill in the correct details (Name, Mail, Password) and make sure you keep your email and password save and sound.

Note : Password should contain Uppercase Letter, number and, Symbol. E.g olamidE1$

Step 4 : Now click create account.

Step 5 : You will need to verify your mail address to know it yours by getting the code sent to the mail you use when signing up.

You should check your mail and get the code then paste it into the required space.

Step 6 : Successfuly you have signed up, login to Your account wallet.

Adding Your Card To Getbarter.Co

Step 1 : Click on Cards at the Sidebar.

Step 2 : Then finally Click [+] Virtual Card to create new card.

Step 3 : Now, after you have created your card successfully, you will be prompt to make payments with your choice of card! Select NGN from the Tab there, Type in amount in USD you want to load into the card, minimum amount is 1 USD, follow the rest process and violaa your card is created and ready for use!.

Virtual Credit card created uses the expiry date of the card used for its loading

If you want to get your CVV code, simply hoover on the created card. They are three in numbers.
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May 21, 2017

Telegram Messenger Brings : Video messaging, Bot payments, and Instant View platform

Telegram is now one of the most popular messaging app like WhatsApp which Android users have been able to download in their phone and start messaging friends and family. It no more news that Telegram Messenger has lot of features than WhatsApp and we'all know that 70% of these features are gotten from WhatsApp. Telegram, the alternative messageing app to WhatsApp has successfully updated their app which brings latest version of 4.0 with exclusive major features :  video messaging, bot payments, and Instant View platform.

For the video messaging feature on Telegram, users can now send video message to one another in two different ways: the mic icon to switch to camera mode, then tap and hold to record a video message or by swiping up while in hands-free mode. However, telegram had also introduced Telescope that allows anyone to view video messages from public Telegram channels.

The Telegram Bot payment enables users order for pizza, pay bills, shops and lots more using using built-in Telegram bots. kOS users can pay in-app from Applepay with this bot payment support "Great Feature"

Lastly, it also supports instant view platform that allows users to view articles directly in the Telegram app and create article previews using the Instant View Editor. Telegram app is available on playstore for Android users and Appstore for iOS users.

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MTN Planning To Acquire DSTV And GOTV

Popular South Africa telecommunications company and network provider, MTN is said to be having some talks with Multi-choice Africa, concerning the sale of the Multi-choice company. Meanwhile, the parent company of MultiChoice Africa is the franchise owner of DSTV and GOTV.

However, selling Multi-choice company can't affect the South African division of the TV network but nevertheless, the plan have not been made public.

Read the statement below;

“A sale is one of a number of options being considered by Africa’s biggest company by market value, and a final decision hasn’t been reached. Naspers and MTN Group have briefly discussed a deal for MultiChoice Africa, but no agreement was reached”.

On Thursday, MTN and Naspers confirmed on that they are still in talks about sharing TV content, video-on-demand services on smartphones.

Think is good for Multi-choice to be sold to MTN?
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May 20, 2017

Top 15 Trending Gadgets to Buy from the UK for 2017

New tech gadgets with advanced technology have become the part of our everyday life. We the human breed are now getting addicted for the machines and also dependant for our everyday actions. The consistent modification has made these gadgets more practical to use, power efficient, improved functionality and user friendly.

These gadgets are built with new innovative technology thus humans are getting fond of them. These gadgets are performing brilliantly thus the users get amazed by the new design and concepts of their favorite gadgets.

No matter whether you are in your office, on the go or in your home new tech gadgets have proved as time saving devices in our daily life and make ours life easier. Some of the tech gadgets are familiar while some gadgets give an amazing exploration experience.

The definition of a gadget has completely changed; they had become life hacking devices from useful tools these days. Here I have created an amazing list of top 15 trending gadgets to from the UK. You can use MyUKMailBox to pick these gadgets regarding your needs, just checkout using the MyUKMailBox account and it will deliver your gadgets anywhere in the world you want. If you want to explore new and advance devices you can choose gadgets you had never used. So let’s dig out the list.

1. Google Home - This Google smart and stylish speaker is considered as the competitor of Amazon Echo. Sophisticate designed speakers that functions on voice commands. This device support hands free use and delivers rich bass with clear highs because of its advance excursion speakers.
Built to support and function with 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi that delivers rich performance streaming. Users can play music, radio, news and podcasts with simple voice commands from Google-Play music, Spotify and many other services.

Users can also play sound directly from their Smartphone to Google Home more than hundreds of chromecast enabled music apps.
Product Specification –
Product - Hands free speaker, Brand - Google, Voice Commands - Yes, Wi-Fi - 2.4/5 GHz, Compatible Apps - Google-Play music, Spotify, etc. Power - Lithium-ion battery required, Item Weight - 499 g, Item Dimension - 9.6 cm x 9.6 cm x 14.2 cm.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus -  List of top trending gadgets this season is incomplete without Samsung latest Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone. This smartphone is packed with incredible features. This smartphone is dust and water resistant with 12 MP rear and 8 MP front smart camera.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is exclusively designed with rounded corners and metal sides to deliver a seamless look. The 6.2 inch AMOLED curved display with brilliant resolution of 529 pixel/inch gives users really a bigger view to access the features of this device.

Product Specification:-
Product - Samsung smartphone, Brand - Samsung, Screen Size - 6.2 inch, Display Technology - AMOLED, Resolution - 529 pixel/inch, SIM Card - Nano SIM, Rear Camera - 12 MP, Front Camera - 8 MP, Video Recording - 4K UHD, Processor - Octa Core, OS - Android 7.0 Nougat, Battery - 3500 mAh, Connectivity - Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth.

3. YUNEEC Typhoon-Q500 - Drones are getting very popular these days among professionals and newbie. These modern devices have a great demand in the market due to their unique features. Nowadays drones are used in various platforms including disaster management, security, aerial photography, science projects and many more.
If you are a professional photographer or just entered the world of photography, these modern gadgets will give you a different view of this beautiful world.
This modern marvel is capable in capturing ultra HD photos and videos and this particular gadget can capture 1080p slow motion videos and 12 MP photos. Having extraordinary flight time of 25 minutes, these drones will be perfect for the beginners as well as for the keen flyers.

Product Specifications:-
Product - Drone, Brand - YUNEEC Typhoon, Compatibility - iOS & Android, Color - Black, Remote Control - Yes (Included), Type - Wireless Transmitter, Power - 5400 mAh battery, Flight Time - 25 minutes, Features – Smart flight-mode, Live streaming, No fly zone + watch me and follow me function, Camera - CG04-4K gimble camera, Memory – Micro SD card, Dimension - 210 mm x 420 mm x 565 mm, Weight - 1.7 Kg.

4. Fitbit ONE - Unhealthy lifestyle and habits are the major factors of many diseases. Insufficient sleep and less amount of physical activity are also the major factors. You will need a personal guide that will motivate you to live a balanced lifestyle and here this small device is going to be very useful for you.

The Fitbit fitness tracker can easily measures users’ complete daily activity such as steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and stairs climbed. Use the wrist strap included to track your sleep time and quality. Forget those noisy alarms; this device will give a gentle vibration that will be enough for you wake up.
Using the dashboard users can track their progress on their smartphone or PCs. Fitbit ONE fitness tracking device is proved to be very effective in weight lose goals.

Product Specifications:-
Product - Fitness tracker, Brand - Fitbit, Main function - Tracks physical activity including sleep time and quality, Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0, Compatible - iOS and Android, Durability - Rain, sweat and splash proof.
5.Canon Portable Photo Printer - What could be better than a small portable device that can print super quality pictures of your Smartphone’s gallery. If you are a professional photographer or you want to print some of your memorable moments then this small device will be very useful for you.
You just have to connect your smart devices to print lab quality photos. This Canon portable printer can print your results in less than a minute with the brilliant resolution of 300 dpi. The prints are of high quality that are protected against spills, splashes and can also last up to 100 years if stored in albums.
Product Specifications:-
Product - Portable speaker, Brand - Canon, Printing technology - Dye submission, Connectivity - Apple Airprint, SELPHY, Wi-Fi and USB, Resolution - 300 dpi, Power - Battery, Compatible printing via - Memory cards, PictBridge cameras and USB flash- drives.

6. Bluetooth Shower Speaker - Bluetooth speakers always remains in trend. Here I have suggested a tangy Bluetooth speaker that can be stuck to any smooth surface. You can enjoy your tracks while taking shower due to its water resistance property. Packed with rechargeable Lithium ion battery this device delivers smooth music on the go.

Not just in bathrooms you can fix this portable Bluetooth speaker in your kitchen, working place, and bedroom. This device only needs a suitable place to stick and the three integrated buttons present on the surface allow you to change the tracks or set the volume level.
Product Specifications:-
Product - Bluetooth Speaker, Brand - Red 5, Water Resistant - Yes, Power Option - Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Compatible - iPhone, Weight - 0.2 Kg.

7. Razer Blade Stealth - This gaming laptop will deliver an unforgettable experience of gaming. Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook is fast, slim and built with advanced technology. Built with Intel-Core i5-7200U processor, this gadget is an ultimate fast gaming laptop. If you love to play games in PCs or laptops then this laptop will be your first choice.

Product Specification:-
Product - Gaming Laptop, Brand - Razer, Model - 2017 model, Processor Speed - Hyper-Threading 2.5GHz/3.1GHz, Memory - 16 GB, Screen Size - 12.5 inch, Display - IGZO & LED backlight, Graphics - HD (graphics 620), Operating System - Windows 10 (64-bit), Processor Type - Intel Core i5-7200U, Storage Type – SSD.

8. Android-6.0 Smart TV-Box - Make your smart TV smarter with this gadget. Built with quad core processor this device is capable in streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, Kodi and much more. You will experience all in an ultra fast speed with enough detailing that you have never experienced before.
Users can access thousands of apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Spotify, Netflix and Kodi, YouTube and many more. You can also use your smartphone as a remote control for this device. Despite of its small size this gadget has built in quad core processor, 8 GB internal storage with 1 GB RAM.

Product Specification:-
Product - Smart TV box, Processor - Quad-Core 2.0 GHz (64 bit), Processor Model - Amlogic, Operating System - Android 6.0, RAM - 1 GB, Internal Storage - 8 GB, Preinstalled Apps - No, Accessories - Remote Control.

9. Lenovo Yoga 460 - If you are searching a Laptop for yourself then you should give a quick look at this Lenovo Yoga 460. A premium convertible laptop will be perfect for your business. The extraordinary 14 inch display with brilliant battery life gives you bigger view and enough time to complete your tasks.
Lenovo Yoga 460 is built with the 8 GB RAM and Intel core i7 processor. The extra brilliant processor and RAM make the performance of this device faster. Users can use this device in four different modes - laptop, tablet, stand and tent. This device is enough light and thin to carry wherever you go.
This laptop is perfect for the students as well as have the features needed to be business laptop. With the FHD display and 10 point multi-touch technology allow users to use it in its different modes.

Product Specification:-
Product - Laptop, Brand - Lenovo, Processor - Intel core i7, Processor no - 6400, Processor Speed - 2.5 GHz Display - 14 inch, RAM - 8 GB, Storage - 256 GB, Screen Resolution - 1920 x 2080, Operating System - Windows 10 (Pro), Battery run-time - 10 hrs, Convertible Device - Yes, Touch screen - Yes, Graphic Type - Integrated.

10. AirPods - These wireless headphones will change the way users use headphones. Brilliantly designed to perform these wireless headphones instantly turn on and connects to your apple device automatically whenever pulled out of their charging case.
It has wide range of compatibility with apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. No need to pause the tracks from your Apple device, just take them out from your ears and tracks will be paused automatically.
Users can activate Siri by just double tapping these AirPods and then they can change tracks, adjust volumes, get directions or even make calls using voice commands.

Product Specification:-
Product - Wireless Headphones, Brand - Apple, Mic Included - Yes, Compatibility - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, Headphones Form - Earbuds, Sound Output - Stereo, Controls - Volume, answer, next & previous track.

11. Apple Watch - If you haven’t spent money on these smart watches then grab one for you. These watches are not smart, these are smarter. You can do almost all your tasks in this smart watch you do in your iPhone or iPads.
You can access apps, make calls, view notifications and more even with voice commands. This Apple watch can also be used as a fitness tracking device.
Apple watch monitor your heart rate, distance travelled and more. You can surely achieve your weight loss goals using this device. Having dual core processor this Apple watch always delivers fast accessing without complications.

Product Specification:-
Product - Smartwatch, Brand - Apple, Compatibility - iOS, Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi, Power Option - Rechargeable Battery, Battery playtime - Up to 18 hrs, Processor - S1P dual core, Battery - Lithium ion, Display - OLED (retina display), Resolution - 272 x 340, Splash Resistant - Yes, Sensors – Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Maps, Ambient light-sensor, Weight - 25gm.

12. Nintendo Switch - Encounter a live gaming experience through this device. Nintendo Switch provides a bigger screen to play games compared to other gaming devices. The 6.2 inches screen with the brilliant resolution of 720p delivers an amazing gaming experience of the virtual world.
This amazing device if filled with some of the best classic game series such as Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Super Bomberman.
Product Specification:-
Product - Nintendo Switch, Brand - Nintendo, Hard Drive - 32 GB, Max No Players - 8, Touchscreen - Multitouch & Capacitive, Display Resolution - 1280 x 720, Screen Size - 6.2 inches, Connectivity - Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz), Processor Type - nVidia-Tegra X1, Power Option - Rechargeable Battery, Battery Playtime - 6 hrs, Battery Capacity – 4310 mAh, Dimension - 239 mm x 102 mm x 13.9 mm, Weight - 398 gm.
13. Wireless Router - This particular device is an extraordinary wireless router. DrayTek Vigor wireless router will help to increase productivity in your workplace offering flexibility and versatility. This versatile device is capable in balancing and routing up to three non-identical WAN connections at the same time.

Built with the brilliant DSL modem this device supports ADSL, VDSL and fibre to cabinet connections. Users can also connect the 3G & 4G dongles to the routers USB port.
Product Specification:-
Product - Wireless Router, Brand - DrayTek Vigor, Device Type - Wireless Router, 6 port switch, DSL modem, WAN Ports - 2, Data Link - Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11n, Band Frequency - 2.4 GHz, Network Protocol - L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, FTP, PPPoE, PPPoA, NTP, DHCP, Routing Protocol - IGMPv2, IGMPv3, RIP-2, static IP routing, Dimension - 24.1 x 16.5 x 4.4 cm.

14. Tile Bluetooth Tracker - Tile is a small but effective device that helps users to find their everyday items within the seconds. So, if you are looking for a device to track your items like wallet, keys, phone and other personal stuffs, then this  Bluetooth tracker will be very useful for you. After activating tiles alarm this device delivers high frequency alarm ring that will be enough to find your thing.
It also works reversely, if you are searching for your phone then press the paired tile device’s button that will make your phone ring. Tile Bluetooth tracker is a water resistant device with the amazing 100 ft of wireless Bluetooth range.
Product Specification:-
Product - Bluetooth Tracker, Brand - Tile, Main Function - Locate Lost Items, - Wireless Range - 100 ft, Compatibility - iOS & Android, Alarm Ring - 90 decibel, Water Resistant - Yes.

15. Smartphone Camera Lens - Is your smartphone camera is not enough for you? You also don’t want to carry DSLRs everywhere to fulfill your desires of photography. Here is the solution; you can fix an external camera lens to your Smartphone.
You even can’t imagine how cool it will be. These camera lenses boost your productivity and also are very easy to fix and small enough to carry on the go.
We always want to post brilliant photos on our social media platforms and this camera is surely going to be very useful for you. These lenses will help you to capture vibrant and live pictures like professionals.
Product Specification:-
Product - Smartphone Camera Lens, Brand - Zeiss, Compatibility - iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, 6s & 6, 6s Plus & 6 Plus, Lens Type - Wide Angle, Focal Length - 18 mm, MOD - 68 mm, Field Angle - 0.6x, Image Field - 100 degree, Focusing Range - 0.05 m, Weight - 90 gm, Length - 38mm.

The modern technology and innovations had made the generation smarter. Nowadays we are much more dependent on machines no matter it is big or small.
These devices are proved to be very useful in every sector of our life. We can’t imagine the betterment of our future without these devices.
Here I have try to make a list of some of the useful gadgets that will make your life easier and help you in easy tasking. Nowadays we need to be updated with the technology and the smart gadgets help us in doing that.

Author Bio: Hey, am Suraj, a full time professional blogger and a Growth Hacker in the content creation team of MyUKMailBox. Catch me on Twitter and Linkedin.
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Blogger Recent Posts Widget That Lists Posts Titles Without Thumbnails

The Recent Posts gadget for Blogger gives you a chance to show the latest blog entries on the sidebar of your Blogger/Blogspot blog, making it simple for your perusers to perceive what's new on your blog.

There are diverse Blogger late posts gadgets out there. Some will show posts title and thumbnails; some will show number of remarks and date notwithstanding the posts titles and thumbnails; while some will simply show the post titles.

The current posts gadget I'm offering to you in this instructional exercise will list your current posts titles. No thumbnails, no date.

Here is a pic of what it looks like


To add this to your Blogger blog, Sign in, go to your blog dashboard and navigate to "Layout"

On the sidebar, click on "Add a gadget" and select "HTML/Javascript" gadget.

Copy the javascript code below and paste it in the "HTML/Javascript" gadget

<script type="text/javascript">
function recentpostslist(json) {
 for (var i = 0; i < json.feed.entry.length; i++)
    for (var j = 0; j < json.feed.entry[i].link.length; j++) {
      if (json.feed.entry[i].link[j].rel == 'alternate') {
var entryUrl = "'" + json.feed.entry[i].link[j].href + "'";//bs
var entryTitle = json.feed.entry[i].title.$t;
var item = "<li>" + "<a href="+ entryUrl + '" target="_blank">' + entryTitle + "</a> </li>";
<script src=""></script>

Carefully replace  with your blog address and click SAVE.

Finally,  view your blog and you should see it displaying the recent posts of your blog.

NB: You can change the number of posts to be displayed as seen in the image above. You can also use css to style the list. eg change font color, size etc...
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May 13, 2017

How To Change Your Google AdSense Address For Easy Pin Verification

Google AdSense is a Platform Designed by Google to help website owners or bloggers to make money with their blog or site by implementing and displaying Live Google Ads on their blog or site. Changing your Google AdSense address occurs when you want to receive your AdSense Pin. If you just sign up for a new AdSense account and you just got approved but later you noticed you put a wrong address in your approved account, you don't need to worry about it.

You can easily change your AdSense Address via your AdSense Dashboard. The main benefits of changing an AdSense address is to receive your PIN quickly at your door step.

How To Change Your Google AdSense Address 

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google AdSense account via

Step 2 : Click the Menu Icon at the top left of your AdSense approved account.

Step 3 : Click "Settings" and from the drop down options, click "Payments"

Step 4 : Make payments page load finish. Here, now click MANAGE SETTINGS

Step 5 : Now you will be taken to another page where you can change your Address.

Now you can edit and change your address. All you need to do is just tap the pencil ✏ icon to edit, then change anything you want to change.

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How To Disable iPhone Camera Sounds When Taking Pictures

When bringing pictures with an iPhone, the camera sound makes it reasonable as though you are shooting with an ordinary remain solitary advanced camera which is fun yet now and again and circumstances, you wouldn't need individuals to know you are taken photographs and iOS made it so muddled that most clients don't know how to impair the camera sound when taking a mystery previews. This same thing occurs on Android gadgets yet the settings to turn it off is more straightforward than on iOS gadgets so how about we perceive how to stop this cam sound 🔊

How To Disable IPhone Camera Sounds 

  • Tap on the Mute catch in favor of your iPhone before taking a photo. 
  • Then again, you can dispatch the music application and play a melody. At that point bring down the volume of the melody to zero, then dispatch the Camera application and take your photograph. 
  • You can likewise incapacitate Camera sounds on your jailbroken iPhone. You should simply to rename the sound impact record inside the working framework to cripple iPhone camera sounds. There are a few approaches to do this, which include: 
  • Utilizing a Jailbreak application to quiet the shade sound: The application is called Silent Photo Chill. It quiets the sound of both your iPhone camera and screenshots. 
  • To rename the sound record on your iPhone, you require an apparatus called iExplorer or iFile on your jailbroken telephone. 
  • Initially, interface your iDevice to SSH. 
  • At that point utilize this summon to rename the screen sound impact: mv/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/photoShutter.caf to/System/Library/sound/UISounds/photoShutter-off.caf
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May 12, 2017

How To Apply For More Than One Google AdSense With One URL Using Different Gmails

In many of my AdSense posts, I have talked about the meaning of Google Adsense. Like I do say, it is a platform designed by Google to help website owners or blogger earn money from their blog by implementing and displaying google ads on their site. Having an approved Google Adsense account is the dream of any blogger. The issue is that most bloggers do not have Adsense and in this blog I think we have provided many solutions to bloggers who don't have Google AdSense.

Now a blogger who just got an approved Google Adsense account with his web URL will be happy and later after some times may still need to get another AdSense with that same particular URL. He or she may not be able to sign up due to some reasons. He or she might've getting error saying : "This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense" which he or she can fix in the link 🔗  above. 

Immediately you get an approved AdSense using your own site URL and you want to apply another, this is what should be done. You have to Unverify your site from the newly approved AdSense account.

How To Unverify your site URL from the newly approved AdSense account.

Step 1 : Log in to your AdSense Approved Account. Now Tap on the menu icon

Step 2 : Tap "Settings", from the dropped down menu, select "My Sites". Here you will see your URL verified. Unverify it.

Step 3 : Unverify it by moving the icon away. Now wait for at least 2-3 days to make the URL totally unverify site from AdSense. After then you can now apply for another AdSense using the same URL you unverified from former Adsense.

That's It.
You can read more post about AdSense and also you ask more questions on Google AdSense.

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How To Apply For UK or USA Adsense In Nigeria

AdSense is a platform made by Google that enables websites owners or bloggers to make money with their site or blog while they implement and display google Ads on their blog. In Nigeria, as a Nigerian blogger, you cannot easily get an approved Nigeria Google AdSense. Now the only two alternatives is you signing up for either USA or UK AdSense Account in Nigeria.

Are you a blogger or webmaster looking for way to get AdSense Approved fast and start earning, the trick here is that you will apply for USA or UK Adsense account because their approval rules and policies are not strict like that of Nigeria but you will only need a little set up to get your adsense approved without delay.

Read : Things To Do Before Signing Up For Google AdSense

How To Register USA And UK Adsense In Nigeria

Step 1 : Go to Google Adsense official website via, Then, tap on SIGN UP.

Step 2 : Log in the Gmail Account you want to use to register for AdSense Account

Step 3 : In the next page, insert your website URL and select content language which is to be English.

Step 4 : Then, under Country/territory: Select UNITED STATES or UNITED KINGDOM. 
Here, enter your Name, Address, City, State and Postal Code. If you don't have neither a USA or UK Address and postal code, there is a way you could get it. You can make use of Shoptomydoor

Note : You can make use of Nigeria number to open USA AdSense.

Step 5 : Finally, tap on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Now you have applied / register a UK And USA Adsense Account. Now, you will be enabled to log in to your account. Not to start earning but to connect your site with AdSense.

Therefore, you will be given an html ad code. Parse and paste the generated verification HTML code in your website under the <head> tag as explained in this post

Note : Any Blogger From any country can sign up for both UK or USA Adsense Account.
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May 10, 2017

How To Unbrick iOS Devices (Easiest Way)

Do you know that iOS devices (iPhone) can be bricked? The issue is, Iit can brick and crash just like Android does. It's so excruciating seeing your phone bricked because it won't be able to power ON anymore and the cause might be a corrupted software. Here I am have brought up a solution to the problem.

There are two or three methods to be used which are; performing a hard reset, the second method is restoring the device through iTunes because bricked iOS device gives an error message in iTunes and the third method is by doing a DFU restoration.

1. How To Unbrick iOS Devices Using Hard Reset

Step 1 : Grab your iPhone, Hold the power button and the home button and wait for the iPhone to reboot.

Step 2 : You will see the Apple logo and it will automatically boot to iOS or ask you to plug into iTunes. After that, your phone has successfully entered recovery mode. Kindly connect to PC and open iTunes.

Step 3 : When done with onnecting your phone to your PC and has successfully launched iTunes, the next step is to click on RESTORE from the right-hand menu.

Step 4 : Kindly CONFIRM any pop-up that follows and wait till the restoration is complete.

2. How To Unbrick iOS Devices By Performing DFU Restoration

If you receive an error while performing hard reset, you should do a DFU restore. This means, you have to completely wipe the phone and reset the device to the original factory state where all your input will be deleted.

Step 1 : Firstly, plug the iPhone to a PC and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Then, press and hold the volume key for some seconds. After that, release the power key and hold on to the home button until you receive a message saying "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.".

Step 3 : Now free the home button and your device will go black. If it does not, kindly restart the process.

These are the only way on How To Unbrick iOS Devices very fast.
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May 07, 2017

Think Before You Buy Power Bank. Best Power Bank Selection Tips!

No matter whether you are purchasing power bank for your smartphone or for your tablet, you should be extra careful about your selection because there are certain things that can make your purchase completely worthless if you will ignore it while making the selection of your power bank.

Selecting power bank for your smartphone

If you are selecting power bank for your smartphone then you should make sure that it is light weight so that you can carry it anywhere you want with you and you won’t feel like you have to carry so much extra burden with you just to make sure that your smartphone does not run out of battery in time of emergency.

You should be able to simply charge it at your home without any special charging requirement and it should be small in size so that you can keep it in your pocket just like you keep your smartphone with you all the time. Then you would be able to quickly connect it with your smartphone whenever you are in need of battery charging. There will no longer be any issue of low battery of your smartphone when you have right smartphone power bank with you.

Selecting power bank for your tablet

First of all, you should check the size and capacity of the power bank that you are going to purchase for your tablet. Although it is ok to purchase average size power bank when it comes to the tablet charging, however it is always better that you prefer compact size for such purposes. You should see the additional features that the power bank will offer you for emergency charging support.

You should see what are the available power output options that the power bank will offer you and you will also need to check the USB ports. There should be multiple USB ports and cables should be included with the power bank pack. There should be suitable power input option and most important thing to check is the safety, certification and quality assurance of the product before you purchase it.

Things To Consider While Selecting Power Bank For Your Smartphone Or Tablet:

Capacity : The charging capacity of the power bank is measured in milli Ampere Hour. For simple mobile charging, 1500mAH battery seems to be suitable size. However, for bigger charging requirement, you should consider purchasing 8400mAh and 11200mAh or even higher charging capacity power banks so that you can get best charging support.

  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone one time then you should buy: 1500mAh battery power bank
  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone two times or half charge of tablet then you should buy: 5200mAh battery
  • If you are going to fully charge your mobile phone four times and fully charge your tablet at least one time then you should buy: 10000mAh battery

USB charging: You should make sure that your power bank is offering all commonly used charging ports so that Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc. devices can be charged easily.

Price: There are so many competing companies are available in the market. If you will do simple research, then you will surely be able to find good price range in power bank. However, never choose price over feature when it comes to the power bank purchase.

Quality: No matter what price you prefer, but you should never purchase refurbished batteries power bank. Moreover, you should make sure that you can find complete list of common and basic feature in your power bank such as over-charging protection and short circuit etc.

Portability: Portability is the most important feature and you should never compromise with it. Always go with portable power bank.

Author Bio: Varun Kumar Works for as Content Writer. It is the e-tailer Company known for bringing the Mobile Covers|Wrist Watches|Bluetooth Speakers|Power banks models from all major manufacturers at best discounts. The company has a fully operational office and warehouse maintained to make timely deliveries across the nation.
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