July 25, 2016

Download Latest ProNet v10.12 Apk App For Android

Pronet VPN handler is a new Latest modded Psiphon with a new style just like Netify. After testing, I finally add it to our VPN software list. The configuring isbjust like that of Psiphon handler  or Syponshield.  

This ProNET has the same hmmmm! Let just say features. It has the same features with the new Psiphon A+ Pro 

With this VPN application, you all be able to bypass network restriction and with free is server, you can surf internet for free and also hide your region by selecting your desired country in the application.

Features of ProNet v10.12
1. New skin with fast connection.

2. Has up to 5 countries to select in order to surf anonymous.

3. Auto connect and fast in connecting with no disconnection.

4. Embedded with light black colour overall.

Screenshoted Features From ProNET VPN. 

ProNet v10.12 settings 
Major things to know on how to set ProNet to work for your network especially if you have a free host server.

1. Tick remove port.

2. In proxy type select REAL HOST.

3. In proxy server input your free
host server.

4. In real proxy type select real default or http or inject.

5. Real proxy port is usually 80 or 8080.

6. Click save and click options.

7. If you have a working ip and port, tick connect through http proxy.

8. Also tick use the following settings and and then input your ip and port.

After that press back, exit the ProNet handler and connect again. That's how to configure or set up
your ProNet just like other psiphon handler or Netify
vpn or zyphon handler.

Download ProNet v10.12 Apk

So ProNet users who haven't updated theirs to version 10.12,you can do that now.

Download  ==> ProNET v10.12 apk

Similarities betweenProNet v10.12 apk  and Psiphon A+ Pro 

1. Both can copycopy settings.
2. Embedded with greather features which other VPN has never had.

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