July 31, 2016

How To Join Whatsapp Group Sucessfully Using Invitation Links

Recently we talked about how to create a whatsapp group invitation link(s) but we didn't complete the article by tell Ing you guys how to join a whatsapp group using an invitation link. 

How To  Sucessfully Join Any Whatsapp Group Using Their Invitation Link. 

After an admin of a particular whatsapp group creates his or her whatsapp group invitation link and it was shared to you, all you do to join the group is followbrlow steps.

Step 1: Click the whatsapp group invitation link sent to You privately or through group chat.

Step 2: It brings apps to complete action. Choose Whatsapp and you will be automatically redirected to the group.

Step 3: You will be asked if you really want to join the group, click JOIN GROUP

And Your Invitation will be verifying by whatsapp using a opinion loading message just like screenshot below.

Step 4: Now You have already joined the whatsapp group successfully and will meet new friends.

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