August 08, 2016

How To Add Share Buttons To Blogger's Blog

Share buttons has been the best way in which blog reader used in share particular article(s) to friends who are absent while reading r who does not know about the article.

But the problem is that only few bloggers knows how to add share buttons to their blog and that is one of the reason I am sharing this article with you guys.

Adding share buttons to blog is very easy and need a neat editing so as to curb error. All you nerd to add share buttons to your blog sucessfully is that you need to:

  • Calm down, 
  • Be careful, 
  • Don't be anxious 
  • Always take note the tab you have created.
With all this above, you are good to go. Follow below steps to add share buttons to blogger blog
How To Add Share Button To Blogger Blog Post.

Below are you requirements before you can set up share buttons for your blog. 

1. A personal computer fully charged. 
2. internet connection.
With all these you are carried. 

1. How To Get Share Buttons: Firstly you have to get the share button so as for you to paste in your blogger template. To get the share buttons it self on every blog post. 

  • Here,  another page loads then select a Style.that is, choose the Style of share buttons you want, which is located that the left side beside the bar buttons that is located at the right. 
  • As for me, I chose the last one which is the vertical long share buttons. After you have chosen your share button style click Next under the style you chose.

  • Then another page opens. Here, you are going to customize the style. That is fixing the social media buttons. The ones you will find there are (share this, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and email).

  • So to add more media(s), search the social media name in the search box  (e.g Whatsapp) under sharing buttons like snapshot below.

  • You can also rearrange the way you want your share button. Also you can delete media clicking the x button beside them. 

  • Then drag the searched media to selected services like snapshot below. 
  • Then click Get The Code!

  • Sign in with your Gmail/google account details to get the code like below image and if you don't have an account, Create One. Don't panic! You it does not need confirmation message just fill I will your details and Tick "I agree to electronically to the terms use, privacy policy............."

  • Now your share buttons code will display like snapshot below. 
  •  Note: the share buttons  code you will be given are two. The first one is Span tag  and the second is script tag 

That all for Getting Your Share Buttons

2. How and where to paste your share buttons code: How and where to paste the share two codes as shown above is the major problem and which will be discussed below.
  • Log on your blogger Dashboard go to Template >> Edit Template.

I thought i talked about calmness carefulness and others? this is where you will utilize or this is where the utilization takes place. 

  • In your edit template, search for below code using CTRL+F then a small text box where to search will appear at the right of the edit template.  Search for code : class='post-footer>
  • Unfortunately you might find two of those codes. Do not panic, just, use the last one and paste span tags code below it

After this, you save your template and preview it using your Android devices or any phone also as long as your share buttons displays on your blog site. 

Please share this tutorial on blogging tips  to those who needs it  also. And drop you comment 

Also Feel free to ask your question/ request  and as soon as we see it, you we shall reply you. 

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