September 22, 2016

How I Added Share Buttons That Displays Below All My Blog Post Automatically Via Template Editing

I already made an article on how I added share buttons to all blog post automatically which you can read HERE but different from this you are now reading in many blogging ways. They are different in the sense that in formal post, the share buttons will only show below after the blog post(out side)
But in this post i am giving the tutorial on how you can add it to inside blog post below like below snapshot

In the same Last Post I explained that Share buttons are blog features that help blog reader share pparticular posts to social media platforms or friends
who are absent while reading  or who does not know about the article.

But the problem is that only few bloggers knows how to add share buttons to their blog and that is one the reason I am sharing this article with you guys. Adding share buttons to blog is very easy and need a neat editing so as to curb error. All you need to add share buttons to your blog sucessfully are :

  1. Get the share buttons codes 
  2. Pasting The codes to your blog template. 
1. Getting The Share Buttons Codes : Getting the share buttons codes for you to paste in your blog template is the first thing to do. Therefore click HERE to follow metgyhow I got share buttons codes 

2. Pasting The codes to your blog template : Pasting the share buttons codes ia the next last thing to do after you have gotten the share buttons code. 

Where To Paste The Share Buttons Codes In Your Blog Template. 

To paste the blogger share buttons codes to your blog template, Log on to your blog "Dashboard"

Go to the share "Template" tab and click "EDIT HTML" like snapshot below. 

Wait for 30seconds for tge page to load then search for the value. In image below

<b: else/>

You might find many of them but the one to use is the last one. So now you are ready to paste the code. Where to paste the code is just above the given code in above image. Don't understand view snapshot below 

If you want to the share buttons codes to show like my current template that is at the center, what to do is apply this this code 

Above the else tag 
<div style="text-align: center;"> Put the Share button code here </div>
Also to add a word like please share to a friend jut like Mine, Use below code and paste it before the above code

<div style="text-align: center;"><b>Please Share To A Friend<b/><div>

And that's all about how I added share buttons to my blog post automatically which really helped my blog visitors to share my post 


  1. please which type of templete are using for sharethis buttons on blog but which type the you use

    1. I am using a customomized template. And follow this article to get your share same button done

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