October 25, 2016

Airtel Will Now Start Charging You 15% When You Borrow Airtime

Airtel too is now joining bad gang lol. This is very curious as airtel joined bad gang increasing the charge fee for borrowing airtime from 10% to 15% just Mtn Recently did, and when etisalat increased the price of their monthly data plans. In the first place i think this goes along side with Nigeria economy recession.

Previously when borrowing airtime on Airtel NG, you  must need to be a regular subscriber on Airtel for at least 3 months and must load a minimum of N250 monthly before you can be approved to borrow airtime from then which is gradually. From N50 to N100 and so on.

In a nutshell, if you want to borrow airtime from Airtel, simply dial ussd code *500*amount# . For example, dial *500*200# to borrow N200. Before, amount you’ll receive is less than 10% service charge. Meaning, if you request for N200 airtime, your phone will be credited with N180 while the remaining N20 is for Airtel as service charge.

But now, you will be charged 15% service fee which is more Airtime deduction from your account. That is, if you request for N200 airtime, your phone will be credited with N175 while the remaining N25 is for Airtel as it service charge.

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