October 13, 2016

Best Alternative To Droid Edited And Wps Office : How To Use Uc Browser To Open Text Files - Mad Features Of Uc Browser Itself

In this world we are,  everything has alternative. Even to die has alternative (live) lol... Don't mind me. Last month , we pubish an article in this blog about alternative to adobe reader : how to to use web browsers to open PDF files (On PC Only). This Article is really amazing. Meaning, you can view your  files just in few seconds without stress using uc browser or mini. You can read full article here.

So this article is based on Android devices. Here you can use Uc Browser Ap for Android devices to open and view TXT files. Wow isn't this cool? isn't this an alternative to adobe reader check below method to allow you use Uc browser to Open TXT files.


Requirements :

  • An Android Device 
  • Latest Version 10... Uc browser / Mini App For Android - Download Here 
  • Any Text File - Get From Anywhere 
Methods / Steps : 

When you get above requirements ready, follow below steps to ope txt file with your uc browser app 
  • Step 1: Get the Android device you want to use then. 
  • Step : Install Latest Uc Browser to in your android phone 
  • Step 3: Launch the Uc Browser app, then 
==> Click the "three horizontal short lines" at the right end comer of yourself ur uc browser app just like snapshot below 

==> Click "Downloads" Tab 

==> Navigate to the third tab which has "File Icon" like below snapshot 

==> Almost done!. I all you need to do is now loacte the "Txt File" you want to open. 

== >Wait for the page to load then you can only view your text files but you cannot edit it ? 

So does this article means Uc Browser is far better than Driod EditWps Office and other App(not browser) that can view and edit txt files ? Or has more features tha dream the other browsers? Drop your comments. 

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