October 17, 2016

Download GL IMEI Gen ANd How To Use It To Generate Any Remaining Imei (Highest 7)

GL IMEI Gen is the android app I have been using for 2years now to generate Imei. This app really helped me especially when it cones generating imeis that are not complete. This GL IMEI Gen of a app help me generate incomplete Imei. For example, I am having a 9 digits Imei and compulsorily an Imei must be 15; when I use GL IMEI Gen, it help me generate the remaining 7 Imei and when i use my Imei analyzer to check if the Imei is valid, it gives me a positive result saying : This Imei is valid 

GL IMEI Gen is an app dedicated to naija top forum Guruslodge.com when they celebrated their 5th year in blogging. And this app was dedicated to the CEO of Guruslodge.com by agbeniga who is a software engineer.


Download GL IMEI Gen

Download GL IMEI Gen - Download it now

How To Use GL IMEI Gen To Generate Any Remaining Imei (Highest 7)

After downloading the app, launch it and it will open an app page where you will see a rectangular box containing number. 

Now touch the box and and choose the available Imei that you have with you and you want to make it complete 15. 

Under the first box, the below one, write the 10 digits available Imei there 
Then click Generate

After generating, a small page will pop up containing your imei with two options saying :
  • Generate another, 
  • Copy 
Click the copy button to copy the Imei and paste it in your mtk engineering or anything you need it for. And the generate another means to give another Imei that will differ from the former. 

I think with this introduced app, you will be able to generate Imei of at least 5 missing number completely. Also this method work for the recent airtel free 5gb data via Imei tweak. So click Here to continue the story of the airtel 55GB.  


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