October 14, 2016

Flashback : All You Need To Know About Analyzing Imei : How To Analyze Imei Number Online[Website] And Offline[App]

This post is just to bring you beck to your normal sense pf our blog posts. Meaning, this post has being published on this blog before. You can get the actual post Here. Analyzing Imei Number is the first thing an android users also an Imei tweaker will First of all do before tweaking an Imei an after that he or she can it on the MTK Engineering App. If you don't Analyze your before tweaking the Imei, you will get error after tweaking. The purpose of why you are tweaking will be unsuccessful.

Why Must I Analyze Imei Before Tweaking?

You must analyze your Imei before tweaking so as to :

  • Have a successful tweaking 
  • Sucessful reason for tweaking
Barriers You Face If you Don't Analyze Your Imei Before Tweaking 

If you don't analyze your Imei before tweaking, you will face below barriers :
  • Unsuccessful Tweaking 
  • Unsuccessful reasons for tweaking 
  • Phone start misbehaving 
  • You will lose lot of offer which are suppose to be given to the analyzes Imei. 
If you don't want to face above barriers and regret tweaking, always analyze your Imei 

Wow cool so how do I analyze my imei before tweaking?

To Analyze your Imei before tweaking, follow steps below. 


There are two types of Imei analyzing which are as listed below : 
  1. Online Imei Analyzing (Via Website)
  2. Offline Imei Analyzing (Via Mobile App)

How To Analyze Imei Online (Via Website)

This type of Imei number analyzing is very creative but expensive. As it indicates (Online), you need data before going Online. So in this aspect of analyzing Imei Number, you need data all you need ia just have to to 10MB of data available in your data balance. 

Then to analyze Imei Number online, log on to http://www.imei-number.com/imei-validation-check

After visiting the website, let the website page load before analyzing Imei Number. 

After it loads, scroll down to the provided space (session) and input your 15 IMEI in the provided rectanglar box and click Validate Imei. 

Wait for 3 seconds and let the Imei Number validate and wait for result for validation. 

If it not valid, it will be written at same place saying " Imei Number 356760051192002 is not valid or invalid... But 356760051192001 is valid" This means they have already generated the correct one for you which Is just rheumatoid last number they changed.

Then if you switch to the correct one provided below the wrong one, it will be written under the box you put your 15 digit Imei Number by saying " Imei Number 356760051192001 is valid..... "

And that all about analyzing Imei Number online via Website. 

How To Analyze Imei Offline (Via Mobile App)

This type of Imei number analyzing is also very creative and cheap. As it indicates (Offline), you don't need data before going offline. So in this aspect of analyzing Imei Number, you need data all you need ia just have to to 5MB of data available in your data balance. 

And what will you ise the data for?, you are going to use the data for download Imei Analyzer Android App - Download it Here . It just 1.2MB while the remaining 3.8MB are for website charges. You can't view a web site page without data. At least 160KB per page. 

After downloading the app from our official website, launch it and follow below procedures. 

Procedures : 
  • Launch the app and input your 15 digit available imei in the box provideed anew click analyse
  • If your Imei is wrong then it will give you a visible note saying : Invalid Imei Number. The Check Digit is not correct sad!!
  • Do you know with Imei analyzer app you can get the correct imei to the wrong one.
How To 

After you get an invalid Imei message, don't panic there is way ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ. When there's life there's hope. All you do to correct your wrong imei uaing Imei analyzer app is delete the last digit of Imei which will become 14 digits then click Analyze. and it will bring the same Imei you analyze before filling  the last number you deleted with a new one to make it valid. Just like snapshot below 

So when you fix the last number generated automatically, and you click analyze, you Imei will tell you " The Check Digits is correct. This Imei looks valid

Something special About Analyzing Imei Offline (Via Mobile App)

Something special About Analyzing Imei Offline (Via Mobile App) is that all they need while analyzing Imei number is the last digit. They don't care if the first 14 digit are wrong. All they need is the last digit to be valid and that is what they will always tell you the Check Digit is not correct or The Check Digits is correct. 

Check digit  meaning a or. That is the last digit of an Imei. 

So that all you neee to know  All You Need To Know About Analyzing Imei and How To Analyze Imei Number Online[Website] And Offline[App] 

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