October 04, 2016

Flashback : How to Control Android Phone from PC using Teamviewer Quick Support

This article has being published on this same blog for months. And also applicable to the article that talks about how to turn your phone into a remotable control.

You control PC from Android but this time we control android from PC. We always want something new. Remote assistance is great speciality in Windows PC. With this service anybody can resolve you computer issue from controlling your pc. But what do we do with our android phone. Android phone is so smart in these days.

Remotely Control Your Window 7 and 8 PC with Microsoft RDP from Android Phone 
Teamviewer Quick Support

Teamviewer Quick Support is a android app, with this app you
can control your android phone from PC and Other Smartphones.
You don’t do any big setup.

Setup Instructions

1. Download Teamviewer Quick Support Android App
2. In PC download Teamviewer Latest software for Windows
3. If you want control android phone from other android phone so download teamviewer android app .

Now open Quick support Teamviewer android app in Phone. In these app you see 9 Digit unique codes. Now you need to enter these unique code from Quicksupport android app into
Teamviewer Windows Desktop App and start the Connection.

In mobile you see pop-up click on Allow. Once the connection is successfully made you see your mobile Information in PC. In right
corner you see Remote Control Button click on that and allow connection in Phone.

Now you see your mobile screen in PC. You can control it from anywhere with Internet Connection. With Quicksupport Android App you can do many task like:

» Transfer Android Mobile Files.
» Control and Manage your android apps.
» Use Android Camera as a Webcam.
» Do messaging from computer to android
» See process of android phone.

So this app is helpful when you want help of your friend related
to Android.


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