October 13, 2016

Fresh Tips to make google search engine crawl your site

Most people love when their site(s) is/are in search engines. Most people also setup (SEO) to make googe crawl their site in any search. This trick that is going to be offered below are also part of setting up a blog's Seo.

Blog settings to make google search engine crawl your site. 

There are some settings in blogger dashboard 1 and 2 and post pages which can make google search engine crawl your site which are listed below.

1. SET UP YOUR PRIVACY : as a blogger, you must set up your privacy. Settings up your blog's privacy is an easy task follow below steps to set up your blog privacy

 Setting Up Blog Privacy
» Step1 : Tap settings in your blogger dashboard 2. Then click basics

» Step2 : a page opens,  click Edit in front of  privacy
    "Add your blog to our listing, click Yes 
     Let search engines  locate your blog..Yes"

» Step3 : then save settings.

2. SET UP BLOG POST PERMALINK :  You must also set up permalink whn writing am article. Permalink is very usefull. It should goes along with the title of thr article yiu re setting up permalink for. Below is how to setup permalink.

 Setting Up Blog Post Permalink
» Step1 : Create new post, then put the title of the post where it should be. Now copy the title of the post.

» Step2 : go to permalink located at the right side of your blog posting page. 
Click permalink, choose custom 

Then paste the copied title in it. Edit it very well. Make sure there are no space in it nor symbols except symbol - . Then now you click done.

3.  SET UP  BLOG POST LOCATION : setting up blog post location too is also essentails. It can help google crawl your blog site. Below step(s) teaches you how to set up blog post location.

 Setting Up Blog Post Location 
» Step1 : Under permalink, you will find location, Click it.

» Step2 : then search the country you want by typing it in the search box. Then scroll down to select the country if available. Then click done.

Tip: If You Activate this tutorial in your blog, i assure you that your will be crawled by google search engine but not to the fullest because there are still other setups. But this helps.

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