October 29, 2016

How Check If Your Phone Supports 4G Via MTK Engineering Mode Start For Android

It no longer (Tech) news that all telecommunications network has released their 4G Lte except airtel. MTN.L, Airtel, Glo and new NTel launched their 4g lte which was super fantastic. But tge prpblem is that not all phones support 4G LTE while most of our Telecom networks are disturbing us to waste money to upgrade to 4g lte tgat won't work on all devices. E.g MTN has been disturbing me to upgrade my phone to 4G Lte to get free 5GB.when they know my phone doesn't support 4G Lte (But planning to purchase a new one). All this their manipulation is to get more customers to their via the awuf 5Gb free data after upgrading to 4g LTE. So in order not to waste your time, energy and money going to office to upgrade read below to check if your phone support 4G LTE

How Check If Your Phone Supports 4G Via MTK Engineering Mode Start For Android 

  • Download MTK Engineering Mode from Google Play store or search for it on Google
  • Install the app
  • Click "MTK Settings"
  • Tap "Band Mode"
  • Select The SIM you want to know if it supports 4G LTE (E.x MTN, GLO, Airtel and NTel)
You will see a list of band mode, from GSM to LTE,

==> In the event that you can't tick the band 28 check box, then it implies Glo 4G LTE benefit won't chip away at it.

==> In the event that you can't tick the band 3 check box, then it implies Etisalat 4G LTE benefit won't deal with it.

==> On the off chance that you are not capable tick band 20 or 7 check box, then you can't utilize MTN 4G LTE benefit. On the off chance that you utilize Ntel and you can't tick band 8 or band 3, then your cell phone has no support for Ntel arrange

When you have done this and affirm that your phone underpins any of the system 4G LTE groups, essentially visit the system office nearer to you to ask for 4G SIM swap. Be that as it may, in the event that you are utilizing Etisalat, no requirement for Swapping SIM as Etisalat had as of now altered that. You can utilize your customary SIM card to appreciate the 4G administrations from Etisalat.


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