October 19, 2016

How To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber

Very sad that in the last article where i updated you guys that airtel has increased the free 5gb to 30gb, why I said i need at least 10 comments is just to know how many people that has not gotten the 5gb so i will adjust it for them so as to airtel awuf data.. Now I will say #Guysforgetaboutairtel5gb, simply go for 30gb. Therefore to go for 30gb, simply follow below instructions.

How To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber 

To Accumulate Airtel 5GB To 30GB Using Sms Bomber, you need to get or download below apps

Apps Needed : 

Tutorial : 
  • To get the airtel 30gb, download GL Imei Gen and learn how use it to generate the remaining four imei.
  • Tweak this imei by changing the last 4 digit with imei analyser download imei analyser in this post. 
  • Then use the Imei analyzer to analyze it if it is a valid Imei or not. Though it not compulsory, because Gl Imei generation it self generates valid Imei only. 
  • After that tweak the Imei using MTK engineering. If you don't know how to tweak click HERE to learn it today + apps needed or included. 
  • Then after tweaking, you can now use your Sms bomber to accumulate the 5gb to 30gb. 
How To Use Sms bomber 
Download Sms bomberThen fill the provided spaces like below snapshot : 

That is, 
  • To : Type 141 
  • # of text : Choose 10
  • Delay : Choose no delay 
  • Then click "Send"

After all this, you will receive a sucessful message saying : You have been sucesfully rewarded 30gb for 60days..... Then dial *223# to check 

NOTE : The reason why i said I need 10 comments is to know how many people need this. Now i have drop it ooo enjoy and comment now if it worked for you 


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