October 30, 2016

How To Create Privacy Policy Page For Blogger And WordPress Users For Quick AdSense Approval

A Privacy Policy is a divulgence data about how the site accumulates any data from the guests and about the promotions served. It gives a validity and reliability to your blog. Some promotion serving programs including Google AdSense searches for a protection approach on your blog before supporting you in their promoting arrange.

Thus, it turns into a need to add a protection approach page to your blog. Therefore, in this post, I will let you know how to make a privacy policy page and add it to your blog be it blogger or wordpress.

How To Create A Privacy Policy Page
For Your Blog

You can either make or create a privacy policy (page) yourself on the off chance that you have required learning. In any case, the vast majority of the bloggers don't know how to make a flawless privacy policy for their blog or web. All things considered, there are a few outsider protection arrangement generators which will do the work for you for nothing. In this instructional exercise, I am utilizing one such benefit gave by SerpRank.com

  • In the event that your blog utilize treats (on the off chance that you are serving promoting, your blog is in all likelihood utilizing it), select Yes, we utilize treats choice.
  • In the promoter data, select the publicizing arrangements you use to adapt your blog .

How To Add The Generated Privacy

Policy To Your Blog As A Page 

To Add The Generated Privacy Policy To Your Blog As A Page, click Here to learn how are to create static page in blogger so as for you to create privacy policy page for your blog especially.

You as a blogger adding a privacy policy to your blog, make more learning of your readers. It’s is very essential to have a privacy policy visible to your blog readers. Neither Google AdSense in
their terms and conditions require you to have a privacy policy for your blog. So, go and make one before you apply for any advertising network to monetize your blog.

How To Use Your Privacy Policy To Get Fast AdSense Approval? 

To use your privacy policy to get AdSense approval , you need to link it with Google AdSense ads privacy policy. In the sense that google AdSense privacy policy url must be available in your privacy policy page like mine. That all about it.

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