October 11, 2016

How To Earn More Cool Cash From winthrillsnetworks By Promoting Ads [Banner Ads]

Like I said in the Last Article about WINThrills, you can earn nothing less than 500# a day by promoting their ads. Last I talked about text ads and today am going to teach you about banner ads.

Banner ads are only for blogger / webmaster that is why winthrills has made it easy for non blogger to earn through text ads by sharing link. But there is a tip a non blogger can use to earn with banner ads. But I will explain that in another article.

How To Promote Winthrills Banner Ads 

Go to www.winthrillsnetworks.com and click log in. Fill in your details and the correct captca code. Then it will navigate you to your earnings dashboard.

Now, Click Promote Center > PPP Banners Ads like snapshot below.

The click promote ads then here you will see the available banner ads. Now to publish or get the html code for banner ads, click the orange icon.

Click Ok When asked to publish a particular ads.

Now a white background with html code will pop up. Now copy the html code.

On your blogger dashboard2, go to Layout > Add Gadgets > html/javascript. Now paste and save it.

Then preview your blog or web page.

For non blogger, you can also promote banner ads. All you is just copy the http URL when the banner ads java script code pops up.

Now with this you can Maximize your session earnings. Be it daily Monthly or annually.

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