October 31, 2016

How To Enable And Disable Notifications On Android Apps And Games

Many android apps and games are filled with notifications which make someone frustrated and what we do next is delete the apps angrily or better still unistall the apps. Most of us don't even think of the way to stop ithe notification rather we do all sorts of things to the app. Today, i will teach you how to disable notifications on android apps and games. This tutorial is from one of the problem i face as an android user.

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Therefore read below : to learn how to disable and enable notifications on android apps and games. 

How To Disable And Enable Notifications On Android Apps And Games 

To Disable Notifications On Android Apps And Games on your android phone, go to "Settings" >> "Apps", then scroll and click to the app you want to disable the notification. Then you will see a ticked box under the app name tagged with title Shows Notifications. Untick the boz to disable the notification and tick it again to enable it.

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