October 13, 2016

How To Get Or Extract Audio (Mp3) File From Video (Mp4) File Using Video To Mp3 Converter

Do you have a video(Mp4) File but you need the audio(Mp3) but don't have?, don't bother using any means that attracts money or internet data (downloading) to get the audio(Mp3) file. This is because, this article will tutor you on how to extract audio(Mp3) from Video (Mp4) file using Video to Mp3 Converter Apk app. 

Video To Mp3 Converter is an android app that has only three features which I explained in This Article and one of the three features is to convert Video(Mp4) to Audio(Mp3)๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹. Follow below procedure/ steps and screenshot to learn goes to covert Video(Mp4) to Audio(Mp3) using Video To Mp3 converter apk app. 

How To Convert Video(Mp4) to Audio(Mp3) Using Video To Mp3 converter apk app.

  • Download Video To Mp3 converter apk app HERE
  • Launch ththe app and click the third option at thr home of the app. The third option is Video to Mp3. So, click Video to Mp3.
  •  Choose the folder where the music is located e.g  (Whatsap Video)
  • Select the video you want to extract (e.g Ycee - panda cover. Mp4.)
  • Now, the video(ycee -panda cover) will load on deck. The video will start playing. choose simple as mode and  format as mp3 (file type) Then click  Extract. and your audio start extracting from the video.

  • It will take up to 2 minutes before the processing finishes.

  • When done,  your audio file will. Be extracted and the audio player will pop up on the app.
  • Here, you can play the audio and also use as device ring back tone.

How Do I View My Extracted File ?
There are 3 means of viewing your extracted audio file or output  which are viewing : 
  • From the App it self (Video to Mp3 converter),
  • From your File Manager  and lastly, 
  • From your music player 
1. Viewing From App It Self :  viewing your extracted output from App (Video to Mp3 converter), it self shows that your extraction was sucessful. 
    How To
Go back to app (Video to Mp3 converter) Home. Click Output.
There are three outputs columns there. 

Swipe your phone to the right (two times) till you reach the out for Video to Audio and there, is where your output will be located. 

2. Viewing From file Manager :
    How To 
Go to File Manager >> SDCard 0 >> Mp3 converter >> Extracted Audio >> Your output will be located there. 

3. Viewing From Music Players Apps : You can also view your output from your music media player. 
    How To
Very easy just go to your music media player app and search for thr music. (The music will be the same name as the video). 

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