October 28, 2016

How To Send Apk Files On Telegram Messenger App Using Es File Explorer File manager And Normal Method

I swear to *** it is no longer news that Telegram app is overshadowing whatsapp messenger app. Whatsapp is indeed good but doesn't have a feature which has been embedded to the Latest telegram app. Telegram app is indeed one of the best messenger app that has stolen all whatsapp features from A-Z. Telegram stole all whatsapp features including the latest one that can tag friends and the other 3features. But why most people hate whatsapp is that it doesn't support sending apk files therefore we tech gurus use one way of the other.eg by changing the apk file to txt.

But i now see that Telegram can send apk files on whatsapp without any 3rd party method at all. And below is the method for you to send apk files on telegram.

There are two ways of sending apk files on whatsapp which are :

  • The use of Es file explorer file manager 
  • Normal method : Via Sd cards

How To Send Apk Files on Telegram Using Es file explorer file manager 

To send apk files on Telegram using es file explorer file manager, download es file explorer file manager, then launch it.

Swipe your phone to the right a slide page will open then click the drop down option Library and click Apps. 

Now do long click or long press on the app you want to send to Telegram (ex dictionary) then click the Share tab below the page like snapshot below.

Then a page will pop up disaplaying the chatting or messenging apps you want to share your selected app (dictionary) to. So choose Telegram.

After choosing Telegram, click the group or personal chat you want to send dictionary to and you will be asked Sending message to group or personal chat name? Click Yes

Now your apk file has been sent to your whatsapp personal or group chat. You can also follow same step to send app to Telegram via normal method.

How To Send Apk Files on Telegram Using Normal Methods 

For normal method to send apk to Telegram, go to file manager >Then choose either of  Sd card 0 or 1 depending on the onw your files are. Now do long click or long press on the app you want to send to Telegram  then click the Share icon and choose Telegram then send.

Now you can see the mad feature of Telegram overshadowing whatsapp. Hmm! i pray we see more developments in these apps. Drop you comment on your review of these messenger apps.


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