October 19, 2016

How To Set, Rename Or Change Your Facebook Username Url

Faccebook is the most well known long range informal communication site and social media. When somebody enlists a record there, their profile id or profile URL is a progression of some arbitrary numbers. That arrangement of arbitrary numbers is exceptionally hard to recollect for us and notwithstanding for our companions who need to visit our profile on Facebook. So would you be able to change or rename your profile id or URL?

Reply to the above question is YES! We can now change our Facebook username. We can choose any username which we need and is accessible. We can pick a simple to recall and inquiry username. Likewise a username will be of incredible help for your companions as it will help them recall that it effortlessly which was unimaginable in default Facebook id or URL. A Facebook username will make it a simple errand for somebody to discover you on Facebook.

Observe My Old Profile URL: http://www.facebook.com/obalolatemidayo.9jablings. What's more, My New Profile URL: www.facebook.com/obalolatemidayoolamide.horlartechgist. See the distinction? Which one of them will you recall effortlessly? I wager it's the second one! Need to know how I changed my username? Perused advance…

How To Set, Rename Or Change Your Facebook Username Url 

1.) Sign into your Facebook account.

2.) Go to Facebook username evolving page.

3.) Click the username option and edit it by typeing the username you need for your profile, check if its accessible. On the off chance that it's accessible tap on make. On the other hand you can choose any of the usernames that Facebook proposes. Pick a username precisely!. Therefore Click on the Red Portion in below snapshot.

4.) Reconsider before tapping on this catch! Because you may not have the capacity to change your username later!. Now change your URL by rewriting on the former one. See snapshot below.

5.) After editing and rewritting, click the Save Changes button. 

6.) Lastly input your real facebook password in tge next pop up page to verify your changed URL and it will be changed sucesfully.

What's more, don't stress! Indeed, even your more seasoned profile URL/ username will divert to your new profile URL/username!

Presently you have your own particular novel and simple to recall Facebook username. Appreciate the new username!

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