October 28, 2016

How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock

Have you forgotten the pattern lock or pin lock of your android phone or device and you have decided to throw tge phone away? Please!, do not your problem has been solved i now know How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock. You may also want to do ot use this trick this for hacking purposes. Hmm! Gotcha

Material Needed For The Tutorial 

  • A Personal Computer (Pc), 
  • Andriod SDK, and 
  • A working universal serial bus (USB) cable

How To Unlock Any Android Phone Using Pattern Or Password Lock

Download ANDROID SDK Here and Extract ANDROID SDK tools. Open ANDROID SDK folder, open SDK folder, open platform tools folder ans Copy the file path that's leads to platform tools folder

7. Goto my computer, Right click and open advanced system settings Click environment variables and then click path.  In the variable value space fix this ; and the end of all the textwritten and paste the path you copied on your platform toolsfolder

Save and go back to your platform tools folder ans In the platform tools folder hold shift and right click and select open command prompt there. Also In the command prompt type adb and press enter. Next type adb devices and click enter , if your device model shows then you phone is well connected

Now type adb shell and click enter and if your phone is rooted type su and press enter , if your phone is not rooted pls don't type it. Then Now type rm /data/system/gesture.key and then press enter. Now your phone has been unlocked in the place of gesture type password if your device is locked
with a password.

Your telephone will even now show a secret key or example has been utilized to bolt the telephone , yet now any example you draw or watchword you write will absolutely open the telephone . All you have to do to make your screen bolt typical is to go and set your screen bolt once more.


  1. Nice I even did mine without pc

    1. Bro thanks please we love to hear more of your comments


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