October 06, 2016

How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To Your Local Bank Accounts

Just a few minutes ago i wrote an article about how to How To Open a US Bank Account for FREE & Withdraw Cash in Nigeria Using Payoneer, now I am have posted an article on How To Withdraw Monry From Payoneer To Your Local Bank Accounts. Most of us have been using Payoneer for a long time now and some just got to know it. You will agree with me that 80% of those using Payoneer hasn't gotten there own MasterCard due to your location or one reason or the other.

Due to that most people will decide not using the account any longer and leave it dormant, but I think there is no reason for that because with the tutorial am about showing to you guys will help you withdraw your cash to your Local Bank Accounts without any

Payoneer’s Local Bank Withdrawal service has been available in over 150 countries and currencies, you can withdraw money from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account or preferred eWallet, in local currency.

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To make a withdrawal to your Local Bank Account all you have to do is follow these simple steps below:

◾ First of all you have to Log in to your
Payoneer account.
◾ From the main menu, select Withdraw and then To Bank Account. For those who have never used this service before, you’ll need to add a bank account in order to begin withdrawing funds.
◾ To do so, click + Add New beneath the bank account field and fill in the required details.
◾ Once submitted, your bank account details will be reviewed and verified – this process generally takes a few business days.
◾ Once your bank account has been verified, you will receive an email confirmation and can then begin withdrawing funds.
◾ In the From drop-down box, select the currency balance or card from which you would like to withdraw funds.
◾ In the To drop-down box, select the destination bank account – the bank account into which the funds will be deposited.
◾ In the Withdrawal Amount field, enter the amount which you would like to withdraw. Before entering the amount, note the minimum and maximum amounts and your available balance as displayed beneath this field.
◾ In the Description field, enter a short description of the withdrawal. This is a mandatory field.
◾ Then Click Next.

◾ Fill in the details in the Security Confirmation page and click Finish.

That’s it! You will receive an email confirmation after completing the withdrawal and the funds will reach your account within 3-5 business days.
Incase you encounter any problem while doing it you can ask for our help Published by Horlar.

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