October 06, 2016

MTN 0.0k Free Unlimited Browsing Via Psiphon A+ Pro And Psiphon A+ Pro Black

I know that you guys will anxiously and eagerly click this post. And this is because it has being long since we enjoyed MTN 0.0k free browsing even when they gave us thier fake free 20GB for N20 which didn't work and which most of my blog visitors on whatsapp referred to as dashing MTN free N20, Lol.

Like I said earlier, it has also being a long time since we enjoyed MTN free browsing cheats. Even after the MTN BLITED A  and B via Netify which didn't use 2Week And was unveiled and Also The Free 300MB game plus which was accumulated with Psiphon VPN. Etisalat bblited too iw not excluded. It was unveiled and it blazed and surfed via Psiphon pro lite handler and Tweakware vpn.

But today I am telling you that I found a working settings for you to browse unlimitedly with your MTN sim via Psiphon A+ Pro Only Or Psiphon A+ Pro BlackThis 0.0k MTN free browsing does not selects Sims but if it doesn't work for you then try ProNET

How To Enjoy Free MTN 0.0k Free Browsing

To enjoy this tweak, firstly download Psiphon A+ Pro and Psiphon A+ Pro Black or ProNET
  • Tick Remove Port ✔
  • Proxy Type Realhost
  • Proxy server : http://mtnonline.com/international-rates
  • Real Proxy Type : Default or HTTP
  • Real Proxy Port : 8080

Select Save your and  and click on “tunnel whole device”. click Options.

  • Tick use Connect through An Http Proxy or use Connect using system settings if HTTP didn't work for you
  • Host Address :
  • Port 8080

Then go back to your Psiphon A+ Pro Home and click the connect button then watch your stats change and count. T

NOTE : The highest capped data of this free browsing is 300MB, which is weekly. Therefore try and use it before it is blocked. If the small data of 300mb isn't enough for you, try and make use of id changer to change your id or clear data then reconnect.....

Enjoy while it lasts😊If it didn't work for you, signify using the ccomment box.


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