October 30, 2016

Photos & Video : Man Buys And Destroys 10 Iphones Because The Sales Rep Didn't Address Him Properly

Hmm! too much money and wonder shall never end l. I A man in Thailand has turned into a web sensation after a video of him purchasing and wrecking more than 15 Iphones including the store. Inconvenience began for the Iphone merchants when the man ventured into the store to purchase an Iphone 7. The man whom didn't look truly intrigued by purchasing the gadget was soliciting a couple from addresses about the telephone when the specialist lost it and inquired as to whether he could manage the cost of the telephone?

  • See Snapshot below : 

This profoundly enraged the man who then crushed the telephone on the table, paid and left the store. He gave back the following day, this time he purchased all the I-telephones in the store and devastated all of them. He then went on to give additional money to the store proprietor before devastating the whole store. Toward the end of the footage, he is seen leaving the store premises in a Roll Royce 'Apparition'.

  • Watch The Video Below : 

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