October 19, 2016

Recent Airtel Free 5Gb Has Being Increased To 30gb Via Accumulation Using Sms Bomber

Just recently airtel sponsored a new smartphone which imei is now used by people to get 5gb which you can get Here. And I also generated more imeis  for those who can do so. The new Gl Generator even helped most airtel users to get their 5gb free airtel data in a fast tweak.

Do you know that the new airtel 5gb for 30days has being increased to 30gb for 60months via accumulation using sms bomber. Isn't this cool?  Yes to me ut cool and the only reason i can share the Imei is if you have tge passion for it. Therefore, I must see 10 comments on how you really need it else I won't drop the Imei and I am serious about it lol. Check out the snapshot below because this trick was cracked by the African top Cheat master Gurusnizkid.

Now you can sew I am not spamming therefore like i said earlier to get the 60GB Imei, I just need 10 people that needs it and I will drop the Imei and how to get the 60gb all in one in a new or another blog post. Enjoy your day.


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