October 13, 2016

Solution To Disabled Android Phone "Unknown Sources" Widget That Hinders Installation Of App And Games

Disabled Android "Unknown Sources" is a widget in all Android smartphone that blocks installation of app. That is, if this widget is disabled, you will not be able to install any applications no matter what.

This problem occurs when you get a new smartphone but whe you notice this, you will feel your android smartphone is fake. No! It not fake it helps also in some situations that is why the widget is added in your android smartphones.

How Does This Start Or Begin ? 

This situation Starts when you get a new android smartphone and you want to install an app. If this widget is disabled(Unknown Sources). While clicking the App you want to install it will bring a note like below:
For security, your phone is set to block installation of app obtained from unknown sources. 

Don't Panic when you see this all you need to do ia just follow below method to unblock your app installation.

How To Unblock Your App Installation When Above Situation Occurs. 

To unblock your app installation when above situations comes up or occurs, immediately it bring below note, click "Settings".

Immediately your android device will scroll down automatically to where you will enable the "Unknown Sources"

When your android takes you there, check out the provided little box  in front of the android widget that says "Unknown Sources".

Tick it. Then it will bring an info like below so you click OK

Now Your "Unknown Sources" Widget has being "Enabled" Then you are good to go.

That's  all. Then go back and watch your app installing

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