October 11, 2016

Things To Do Before Promoting Ads On Winthrillsnetworks - Someone Asked

This is a very simple and straight forward question which I can answer. After publishing my last two articles before this on how to earn more money by promoting ads on winthrills with both Text Ads and Banner AdS, someone asked that what are the things to do before promoting the ads ?

Answer To The Question :Things To Do Before Promoting Ads On Winthrills.

Before Promoting Ads On Winthrills, you need to fill in your profile details in the winthrills website for you to earn more. Profileso like :

  • Name (First and Last)
  • Email (e.g yourname@gmail.com)
  • Tel No (e.g 070 0000 00001)
  • Birthday 
  • Gender 
  • Address 
  • City 
  • Postal Code 
  • Code 
  • Language 
  • Twitter Page URL (e.g twitter.com/horlartechgist
  • Lindekin Page URL 
  • Google + Page URL 
  • Facebook Profile URL 
  • Website (e.g yoursite.com) and 
  • Blog (e.g www.horlartechgist.com)

Above are all you need to do before promoting ads in winthrills be it text wdays or banner ads So to update your profile, Log on to your winthrills account and if you have none Get Started Here Now. And follow below steps to update your profile.

Log in to your winthrillsnetworks account. Click "Account" > Then navigate to "Profile"

A privacy page will open consisting of where you will fill in your profile details. Therefore, fill in the details just like below.

Then after doing so, you are now ready promote your ads be it text or banner. Click this article to lean how to promote ads be it Banner Ads or Text Ads.

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