October 05, 2016

Top 5 Android Applications For Creating Killing 3D Images/Photos

This post is sourced from VIBERTECH. You can get tge actual article HERE. Many new innovations are gradually taking over the technological world. The 2D technology is gradually giving way for 3D. If you ever want to get the best quality of your images, then 3D is the best way to go and which is only for android devices.

Although some android devices manufacturers are already implementing 3D camera into their [products] phones, but this is only available on a few high end devices.But just few hidden apps  Google playstore will actually lets you take 3D images on your android smartphone. And below are the top 5 hidden apps available in PlayStore which are used For Creating Killing 3D Images/Photos.

Top 5 Android Applications For Creating Killing 3D Images/Photos

1. Phogy : This is one of the most ppopularand rare app. It is rare because we don't notice it while in google PlayStore. Phogy is one of the best 3D camera app available. Using this app is very easy as all you have to do is to click on the camera icon and move your phone round the object towards the right direction.

This app is also intergrated and embedded with different social networking sites which makes it easy for you to share your 3D image in either Gif or high quality mp4 format after saving among different social media platforms or through e-mail. You can also use the created image as your phone's wallpaper. You can download Phogy from Google PlayStore.

2. Make It 3D : As name indicates "make it 3D", This apps turns normal images to 3D pictures. It creates anaglyph stereoscopic 3D image with your phone's Camera. Another cool thing about this app is that you can use it to create a 3D image from pictures like you already have in your gallery as long as those images are slightly spaced apart.

The only downside about this app is that you can't get a high quality image with the free version of this app unless you upgrade to the pro version. You can download Make it 3D from Google PlayStore.

3. Camera 3D - 3D Photo Maker : This is one app that can let use create an actual 3D image that can be viewed on a 3D monitor or 3D TV.

This app comes with some great features embedded by developers like the ability to create a 3D selfie image with the front camera. You can also make modifications to images even after it has been taken like change the image position, deleting or blurring. You can get Camera 3D - 3D Photo Maker from Google PlayStore.


4. 3D Camera : This is a very simple and straightforward app. It allows you to take a 3 Dimension(3D) image which can even be converted to gif format. It is intergrated with the social media sites which makes Sharing very easy.

The app supports cross-eyed stereogram creation, automatic cropping, animated gif exportation and social network sharing. You can get 3D Camera From Google PlayStore.

5. Camera 3D : This particular app is very different from the rest. With Camera 3D, you can take as much as 99
images and use it to create just a single 3D effect WOW!

This app uses some inbuilt software to merge/join all your pictures together and create a 3D effect with it. It also doubles as a form of social networking platform where you can share your images and also view others.

So here are the top five of the countless number of 3D camera apps you can get on playstore. If you think there is any other great app I must have missed out then feel free to share my dropping your comments in the comment box

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