October 14, 2016

Verizon Launched New Feature "PopData" That Allows You Browse Unlimitedly For 30minutes And 60minutes

Verizon has now released another new great feature called PopData which you guys will love. Thia new feature is now presently available on Android phones, iPad, iPhones and many more. Therefore, it it said that with "PopData", you will be able to browse using 4G LTE unlimitedly for 30minutes and 60minutes of 4G LTE. Isn't this great? Read through

Meaning, when you begin a PopData session, you will be able to use as
much data you as you want. You can register in My Verizon app, and when your session starts, you will notice a timer showing how long you have got left. You will also receive notifications when you have 5 minutes left for free browsing and also when time is up.

But Before you will start a PopData session, you will need a 4G LTE to start the unlimited data browsing session even if you move or switch to 3G or 1X coverage area meaning Verizon network depends on network availability.
Also checkout what Verizon discussed about it;

PopData is a good alternative to public Wi-Fi hotspots, because public hotspots could be unsecure or just plain slow. You could also use PopData while moving from place to place rather than being stuck at a single Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop or wherever else.

Reading above quite would know that it no more news that it is a very very good alternative to public hotspots tether.

Is Popdata Free? 
Nothing good comes easily and nothing good comes free also. Therefore PopData is not free but it is affordable. Popdata costs for $2 30minutes and the for 3$ 60minutes. You can Also check out the FAQs.

Soured From Verizon Support Blog 

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