November 17, 2016

10 Tricks/Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Android Battery

Android device or phone now the mostly used phone worldwide and hss become our new generation phones. Android devices are so much popular popular because they have attractive features which do prompt people to buy them at all cost. Android features incudes :  fast internet acess, Video
calling, plays Audio and Video at HD quality, Clear Camera, installing custom
ROM and UI and lots more...

Due to programs or apps we run on our android device, what we will fce after this is getting low battery. Some Phones naturally comes witu fake battery and arr accepted by buyers who didn't plan well before buying a phone.

It so painful when you see your battery down and you will look like "what a...." There are many reasons why or android battery get low or  discharges our soon which includes :

  • Hardware problem
  • Overcharging,
  • Background running Apps
  • Hight internet usage etc. 
So now, to stop or say to to Battery drainage or battery draining any how, read below tricks / tips and get it done.
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10 Tricks/Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Android Battery 

1. Check Apps Which Is Using More Power.

Most of we android users don't know that they are some inbuilt and installed app that consume a lot of power that we need to stop. Ignorance cause this. You can checkcheck this by going to : Settings > Battery or Settings > About Phone > Battery Use. 

2. Stop Unnecessary Services (running). 

In android phones ro devices, there are some unnecessary service that are running and you need to stop. These services can't be seen easily on phone but you can view them by going to Settings > Apps > Running Services. 

3. Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi After Utilization.

In android phone, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available and are very very useful. Bluetooth for sharing files and Wi-Fi for sharing data. I am sure without these gadgets, android phones won't be used widely. A situation whereby your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi running, your battery will surely drain at all cost. So i will advise you to turn of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi immediately after utilizing it. 

4. Turn Off the Internet Data Connection After Usage. 

Internet data connection enables one using android phone to access internet for better experience. And at the same same truned on internet data connection drains battery. There, to stop these, turn of your internet data connection after being used. 

5. Reduce Multitasking or Minimized App. 

We android users love to minimize android apps any how. These drain battery anyhow, therefore you should reduce minimized apps or better still clear all. Minimized or multitasking apps also reduce phone's CPU especially RAM. 

6. Turn Off Your Hotspot After Use.

Hotspot is an android gadgets that is use by android users to share internet data with computers, laptops and other phone available with Wi-Fi. While utilizing your hotspot, it drains your battery. So Don forget to switch off after being used. 

7. Reduce Display Brightness Or Disable Auto.

Display brightness is another factor which affects battery drainage. When you increase your display brightness, display led take more power to illuminate pixel color density. Therefore, we have to reduce our brightness to our visibility extent to keep our eye healthy and increase battery life of your android. 

8. Turn On Power Saver Mode.

As it title indicates "Power Saver Mode" it helps to save power.  Power saver mode is one of the most popular features which is specially available in Samsung Mobiles. If you a Samsung user, you can turn on "Power Saver Mode" to save power and reduce power drainage. "Power Saver Mode" feature is also available in Tecno phones. Go activate it, Go to Settings > Power Saving Management > Enable Power Saver Mode. 

9. Avoid Overcharging Of Battery.

While you are changing your android phone, you have do watch whenever it complete charges to avoid battery being spilt. Overcharging of battery kills battery and also heat our phone component. We have to keep our battery clean and watch whenever it complete charging. Also they are some available apps which can notify you when your phone completes charging. 

10. Buy Extended Battery And PowerBank.

Anytime you want to change an android battery, you must purchase an original company battery to get long battery life. Therefore to power backup your battery, i will implore you to get a an extended battery. For example; If your previous battery is 2000mAh, then you should buy 24000mAh or more power battery. And also follow above tips to keep it clean. 

A healthy battery brings an happy phone service. We should have a good battery for our android phone if we want to enjoy it well. 

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