November 14, 2016

8 Ways To Reduce Blog Or Website Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate? 

Bounce rate is a metric being calculated by traffic generation experts or Website (alexa or google analytics) everywhere in the online marketing worl(ex alexa). That's, rate or percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the website or blog after viewing only one page. That is what Bounce Rate Means.

For instance, "If 100% visitors visit your website or blog and all of them just viewed a page and then leave from there then the bounce rate will be 100%. And if only 50% users out of 100% left the site or blog after viewing just a page each, then the bounce rate will be 50%." Therefore with this, i think you should now know the meaning of bounce rate and without me even explaining way to reduce it, you should know the ways via the explanation.

How To Check Your Blog Or Website Bounce Rate 

There are two main ways to check your blog or website bounce rate which are :

  • Google Analytics 
  • Alexa Ranking 
But i will just be explaining one which is "alexa ranking". I have already wrote an article on alexa ranking. That's about meaning of alexa rank and how to increase alexa traffic using alexa widget and also how to style your alexa ranking widget.  

So to check your bounce rate using alexa ranking website, go to (Change the to your blog or website Then scroll down to see your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is bad yoi can read the following article to reduce it and also if good, you can also read below article to reduce more of it. 

How to reduce the bounce rate of your blog website:

Good Website Design : Good website design is one of the way you can reduce your website and this is in the sense that if you have a good design for your website, people who visit your website or blog won't want to leave because they will feel like having like your beautiful blog site especially bloggers or webmasters. 

Therefore, get your blog or website a very great designed with a beautiful template(for blogger or wordpress) from an experienced website designer rather than exhibiting self design. 

Interlinking : Another way to reduce your blog or website bounce rate is the use of interlinking. Interlinking means, links that are fixed to a particular blog or website post for users to navigate to another page to find more cool stories written by the webmaster or blogger. 

Interlinking is very easy to use all you need to do ro make use of interlinking is just create post amd refer some keywords to another page of your website or blog like i did. The top blog that uses interlinking is Shoutmeloud. These blog make use of interlinking in all his post which has reduce his bounce rate and has also help in in generating a lot of traffic. So as a blog or webmaster, make use interlinks to reduce your bounce rate. 

Use Related Articles Feature : Making use of related articles feature on a blog or website can reduce bounce rate. In the sense that when a blogger or webmaster has related posts to a particular post he has written, visitors will surely view them if the post relating to is helpful. 

If you are a blogger and your blog doesn't have related posts or article, yoi can read how to create related article for your blog here

Blog or Website loading speed : A situation whereby your website is slow while loading a page, ah!  Visitors won't view your page at all. After a page they won't click any and if care oa not taken they may decide not to visit your blog or website again. So you have to fix the slow loading speed of your blog or website. Feel so sad that top blog is the top site that has a slow loading speed and it bounce rate is increasing all day. Hmm! I well all is well. 

How can you increase the loading speed of the website?
Many ways are available to  to increase the loading speed of a website or blog which are :
  • Using a nice web host
  • Using the right theme (Especially WordPress Users)
  • Optimize images to make the pagesless bulky
  • Removing the non-essential stuff from the site
  • Reducing the use of javascript and CSS files etc. (very essential) 
All these can increase the loading speed of your website or blog. 

External links should open in Another Tab : This is very useful in a website or blog. In the sense that when a user is reading your blog post or website page and suddenly sees an external link which he clicked so that he can get the information he his looking for, Now think, if the link opens in the same tab, the user will leave your website automatically which is not good and if the link opens in new tab, he might go to that tab and check that page or site without closing your page and later returns to read again. Therefore i will advise you to just make every external link open in another tab. 

Avoid Putting Putting so many Ads : 
It very painful when a visitor is reading a blog or web post and he found that that ads are too many, he or she will never visit that website or blog again due to the wrong putting of ads. At least add little ads to your home page and your blog post. Pop up ads also kills blog that is why Google Adsense as one do tge top world ad network does not support pop up ads rather it uses the just introduced page level ads which is very nice. 

Write Attractive Posts and avoid spam : Lastly, you must also write attractive posts and avoid spam to reduce your bounce rate. How will you feel if you spam on your blog and you got no visitors again from that point?.. Hmm! it very painful oo so as a blogger or webmaster, you should write attractive posts or story so that readers will also view the post related to the one they clicked before. 

With all these tips, you can reduce your blog or website bounce rate. I will say high bounce rate is like a blog disease so we should cure it ASAP if they are found wanting. All this tips also can help you increase your traffic rank in all means be it alexa or google analytics. 

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  1. Interlinking is one of the Great way to Reduce Bounce Rate. I've implemented it on my site & really the result was awesome.

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