November 07, 2016

About Nairaland And How To Create Your Own Topic On Nairaland Nigeria Forum

Nairaland is no doubt the top forum in Nigeria. The forum started since 2005 till data which was created and established by seun osewa a man in his own prime. Nairaland forum from 2005 till date has hit more than 1.5 million members because as at now, it has 1,684, 890members and more than 3.5 million article written in the forum has hit more than 10million page view because his rank top 8 in alexa and his global rank is 982 in Nigeria at November 2016. Nairaland is the top 1 forum site in Africa at large not only in nigeria. And i also have an account with Nairaland Nigerian Forum.

Top 5 Nairaland ranks Countries
Nigeria - Ranked 8 for 68.3%  of visitors
Indain - Ranked 2552 for 4.3% visitors
USA - Ranked 4451 for 4.2% visitors
UK - Ranked 1640 for 2.2% visitors
South Africa - Ranked 520 for 1.4% visitors.

How To Create Your Own Topic On Nairaland Nigeria Forum 
Before creating a top on nairaland, you need exhibit below :

  • Create An Account  
  • Adhere To Rules And Regulations 
  • Be patient an endure with any server error 
To write a top on nairaland forum, you need to have an account with nairaland before publishing own topic and after having an account, log in to it and follow below steps to create your own post on the forum. 

To Publish Own Topic On Nairaland Land? 

Step 1 ==> Log in your nairaland account 

Step 2 ==> Scroll down to where you will find post tags (ex : science and tech, food, fashion, literature, entertainment etc)  (for blogger it is called labels) click on the tag your post is related to e.g science and technology 

Step 3 ==> After clicking any tag, another page will open. Here, click the Create New Topic under the nairaland ad banner and you will be taken to another page. 

Step 4 ==> In that page, read the rules and regulations before publishing your own topic and do not advertise to get your account banned from nairaland. Write the title of the post under the rectangular box tagged subject as show in below snapshot and write content of the post you want to publish in the large spacious box tagged message. 

And if you want to attach any file p your post be it image, scroll down and choose the file under the clickable button saying choose file. You can only upload the maximum of 4 files.  

Now after creating your post, it will be published under the tag you chose when writing. Thanks you. 

Drop your comments below about this post and also tell us about your difficulties you are facing just to create a new topic on nairaland forum. Also follow me on nairaland 


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