November 06, 2016

Checkout : Top 4 Traffic Source And Fresh Tip To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is not all about writing to earn money even i have not started monetizing my own blog but the major thing a blogger needs is traffic, rank and popularity. But due to some errors, bloggers don't have traffic and are nit ranked at all and now i am here to give you tips to increase your traffic rank. You can also read how to add alexa rank widget to blog to increase traffic.....  But sincerely, it baffles me when a blogger check his or her page views and meets 100pgs 😱. Please this are for new bloggers which i will implore them to carefully read this. So read tips below to increase your traffic blogger traffic.

4 Fresh Tip To Increase Your Blog Traffic

1. Direct Traffic : Direct traffic means recieving traffic from non genuine. That is getting traffic from your direct domain that is blog visitors who click your blog posts. So for you to get more readers to your blog post you can do below :
2. Via Back Links : For you to get traffic via backlinks , you have to always :
  • Drop guest post on other blogs related with your blog link in the post(s).
  • Be the first to comment on popular blogs post with your your url inserted properly in the comment box not to cause you spam. 
You should also accept blog posts from others and you will be able to get relevant traffics from other bloggers to your blog. You can drop your blog post Here

3. Social Media : This is a kind of traffic that helps bloggers generates more readers to your blog and as well as increase your blog traffic. Moreso, these kind of traffic are the type of traffic that comes from social medias so try to sign up to social media accounts on many popular social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Pinterest, BBm, WhatsApp, Google+, Telegram and your blog post will be posted by you. But you can also read how to share blog post automatically using 

4. Search Engines traffic : This type of traffic is a traffic gotten from popular search engines like google. Google is the most visited website or search engine that is ranked number 1 in alexa. Therefore, you to get traffic from search engines, you need to submit your url to search engines like :
  • Google 
  • Bing 
  • Yahoo. 
Also you can add alexa widget to your blog or website to increase your blog traffic little by little. 

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