November 21, 2016

Coca-Cola Launches Selfie Bottle : Takes Selfie When Sipping A Coke

Hi guys, this is a tech suprise as Coca-Cola company invented world's first Bottle that takes selfie while sipping coke mineral described as Selfie Bottle. This bottle am sure is to make selfie addicts freak to purchase of coke drinks especially it bottle(selfie bottle).

Coca-cola company knew how people (ladies especially) love to take selfie pic which also brought to the investment of the selfie stick and also the new one called 360 flexible lazy selfie. The company new million of people has these in purchase that is why they brought up an idea of inventing owm selfie stick but used theirs as bottle. Nice development by coke.

If you could remember the old coke invention which they create coke bottles with each and everyone name. This was very popular even on tv where they sang songs say "Share Coca-cola with Yourname". Virtually everone loved this development by coke and now they have brought us another tech wonder

How Does Coke Selfie Bottle It Work?

Coke Selfie Bottle comes with an attached/embedded camera-equipped base to a 500 ml of the coke bottle. This camera takes your selfie  is automatically immediately the coke selfie bottle detects a 70-degree tilt.

Below is the camera gadget attached to the camera making it a selfie bottle :

How To View Selfie Pic(s)? 

To view your selfie pic taken by the coke selfie bottle, you have to connect it to other devices using a working Usb cable. You can also sharr this selfie pic to Photo social media like instagram, snapchat and even facebook as well.

I will called this a tech ssuprise because this will be the world's first selfie bottle. Hmm nice one by Coke.

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