November 13, 2016

Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.00K Free Unlimited Browsing Using Syphon Shield

Hi guys, it has been a long since we enjoyed 0.0k free browsing from all networks (Etisalat,Mtn, Airtel and Glo). But i am pretty sure you guys are enjoying the recent MTN 0.0k free unlimited free browsing via psiphon. Thia latest "Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.00K Free Unlimited Browsing Using Syphon Shield" i want to drop has been working via psiphon but not more working like when it was firstly revealed because it capped at 60MB. And we try all means to use more than but did work indeed.

Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.00K Free Unlimited Browsing Using Syphon Shield is very efficient than the psiphon so when i tried it on syphon shield, i noticed that it work more efficient and when it got to 60MB which is it capped data, i tried Data clearing trick and reconnect my vpn app and it worked continuously which i am still using till today. I think etisalat has not found their loopholes that is why they have not blocked the proxy yet. So meaning we can enjoy it till it lasts.

Etisalat Nxtfwd 0.00K Free Unlimited Browsing Using Syphon Shield ? Read below.. 

To enjoy etisalat nxtfwd 0.00k free unlimited browsing, firstly you must download syphon shield here and configure it as done below :

  • Tick Remove Port 
  • Proxy type :  Real Host
  • Proxy  Server :
  • Username : [Leave it blank]
  • Password : [Leave it blank]
  • Real Proxy Type : inject
  • Real Proxy Sever : [Leave it blank]
  • Real Proxy Port : 8080 

After all these tap "Save" and "Tunnel whole device" And in the more options, "Untick connect through HTTP" And then finally go back and connect it takes seconds then start flexing with your free browsing. 

Note : If your data is capped especially at 60MB of data, you have to learn the clear data trick which you can read here. Also, If you encounter any problem while browsing, use the comment section located below. 


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