November 16, 2016

Finally WhatsApp Video Calls Is Official and Working Good -Checkout!

Whatsapp video calling features is out of Beta has officially being rolled out to the regular or normal whatsapp app with waiting for so many months.

In a recent blog post of whatsapp, they made users know that the whatsapp video calling feature will be enrolled soon as said in below quote :
In the coming days, WhatsApp's more
than a billion users on Android, iOS, and Windows will get the ability to engage in video calls with their contacts.

We all know that mark zukerberg ceo of facebook is now the owner of whatsapp and where ge is lagging behind is the video calling feature for whatsapp it self. Therefore, what i will implore is that users should keep updating their whatsapp from playstore to enjoy video calling feature at any time.

Read More of what whatsapp said about this :

Our goal at WhatsApp has always been to help as many people as possible stay in touch with friends, family, and
others they care about. That means making a product that’s simple, easy to use, and accessible no matter where
you are. We started with messaging and Group Chat. Then we added voice calling. And we did it in a way that works across thousands of device and platform combinations all over the world.
Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – WhatsApp video calling. In the
coming days, WhatsApp's more than one billion users can make video calls across Android, iPhone, and Windows
Phone devices. Read More Here

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