November 22, 2016

Google AdSense Disapproval Messages And How To Fix Them

Google AdSense is a top worldwide advertising network by Google search engine which has millions of advertisers snd publishers as well. Due to a lot of publishers google AdSense has, they don't accept people anyhow into their program anymore unlike before when you can get your  AdSense account approved with stress. Many people (bloggers) has signed up for Google AdSense nowadays but couldn't get approval rather get disapproved due to some mere reasons. Change in google AdSense Privacy without been noticed and been violated might get someone AdSense account disapproved.

In this article i will be discussing about Google AdSense disapproval message and how to fix them immediate before reapplying with the same application.

  • Google AdSense Disapproval Message And How To Fix Them 

1. Insufficient Content : 

      Insufficient content is one of the disapproval message Google AdSense sends to it publisher who submitted an AdSense application. Insufficient content as a disapproval message from AdSense means your site/blog you submit for AdSense to review are full of copied posts (or images) and consists. Insufficient content also mean article or post on your blog are insufficient meaning not enough words and your pages also. To Fix this problem, work on below suggestions :

  • Write real content/posts and avoid plagiarism 
  • Write at least more than 800words in an article or a post 
  • Avoid using too much images, videos and flashy animations 
  • Your content/post should contains complete sentence and paragraphs and not only headlines. 

2. Site does not comply with Google policies :

     Site not complying with google policy is also another Google AdSense disapproval message. This means your site does not in any way comply with their program policy due to most reasons that site may not be receiving enough traffic which is very bad. You can read my article on how to get traffic. To fix this issue,
  • Create a privacy policy page for your blog using
  • Never view your blog post when signing for Adsense because it will look as if your are impressing ads 
  • Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

3. Difficult Site Navigation : 

I discussed about blog navigations  and how to configure them. Site navigation are very essential in live od a blog like i do say. You must configure your website navigation to look good and if this is the only disapproval message google is giving, take it or leave it, just fix it and you have been approved. Difficult site navigation can be a disapproval message from AdSense dut to some disease your site has like redirects, broken links, excessive pop-ups, slow site preloading etc. To fix them do below :

4. Copyrighted Materials/Contents : 

Copyrighted materials or content is another disapproval message by Google Adsense specialist. The only Solution to copyright materials is already stated in AdSense policies. It stated that user should not post articles or links relating to hacking and hacking tools and most especially pornography. Therefore fix them. 

  • Google AdSense Disapproval Reasons You Don't KnoKnow

There are other Google AdSense disapproval reasons which may not be stated in the disapproval message. Reasons like : 
  • Ownership issues - Saying Url is not owned by you? Fix it in google webmaster tool and then reapply or resubmit your AdSense application 
  • Too high bounce rate - Bounce rate too high, google will know using analytics. Therefore, Fix them here
  • Your Blog Design - this is also another reason for AdSense disapproval. Therefore to fix it, make your blog simple and get a nice template or plugin for your blog. 

I am pretty sure that when you put all these tips into consideration, you will get your AdSense account approved once. For more tips you can visit the AdSense tag or contact me


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