November 05, 2016

How to add Alexa Rank Widget To Blogger To Improve or Increase Website or Blog Traffic Rank

Alexa's work is to rank blogs or website according to their traffic stats and page views per day. Alexa also help to increase blog or website's but just little and i will update you guys on how to increase your traffic and at alexa at large. Well even though my own traffic rank is not enough, at least it better than some blogs that started before.

Alexa can increase your traffic little by little by displaying their widget in your website only when you also help your self because heaven helps those who help themselves.
Do you also know that a higher Alexa ranking is lucrative for advertisers and webmasters to take your website and blog seriously. So why not take that opportunity to show the alexa ranking widget directly on your website by increasing traffic and blog ranks in particular country.

What is Alexa Ranking – Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa ranking is well known as a traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites as published by Alexa. The website is owned by Amazon and offers itself as an information company that offers blogs / website real information and their personal analytics.

Alexa Widget - How To Add To Your Blog 

There are two type or alexa widget which are listed below :
  • Alexa Widget Showing Ranks Only
  • Alexa Widget Showing Both Rank And Link(s)
Alexa Rank like i said ealier means traffic rank position for a list of blogs or websites. While the Links in are the sources of the traffic, the url traffic came from. 

Alexa Widget :
Alexa Widget Showing Ranks Only ?, copy below :
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Alexa Widget Showing Both Rank And Link(s) ? Copy below :
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
What To Do : Change the to your And also to place the widget in the center, do below :
<div style="text-align: center;">
Alexa widget code here

How To Add Alexa Widget To Your Blog ?

For blogger, go to your blogger dashboard > Layouts > Add gadgets and paste it like below snapshot, then give it a title (ex. Alexa Rank) and then click Save button and as for wordpress, follow the normal procedure of adding widget to a wordpress blog then proceed.

How To Style Alexa Rank Widget 

There are many style of alexa rank widget which are :

  • Small Square : These are the once most bloggers or webmasters use for their site 
  • Vertical rectangle - very scarce amongst blogger 
  • Vorizontal rectangle - very scarce also. 
Therefore, to style your alexa rank for any of the above shapes, read below : 

Replace any of below alphabets with what you see ("a") before the "?url" then defines the style you want to use.

a = small square

b = vertical rectangle : i couldn't provide this quickly but i have the image with me. 
c = horizontal rectangle

With this your site traffic rank or traffic rank and links in will be displayed in your blog or website.

Then you are done. Is this helpful, share your view about this using the comment section. 


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