November 07, 2016

How To Add Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger Blog Using Vicomi

Blogger is no more news one of the most popular and most used blog platform people do use to create a blog and i am not excluded. In blogger as a platform, it has many later features which you can add to it. After creating a blog, you need to get a well furnished template for your blog. And most templates don't come with great features but they are nice. They many only come with great features if one recieved it from a blogger also who has already designed it before sharing.

One feature of blog is adding share buttons  to your blog be it under or top of blog post. You can read here to add share buttons to your blog template that doesn't have a nice share buttons and also click here to complete the share button tutorial. Another feature a blogger blog must have is add Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger Blog. This helps your blog readers choose their reaction towards a particular article or post a blogger writes. Therefore what to use to get it done is Vicomi.. Read below to get in done!

How To Add Cute Smiley Reaction Buttons to Blogger Blog Using Vicomi

Step 1 ==> Log on to Vicomi
Step 2 ==> You have to have an account before using or experiencing their service. Therefore, sign up by filling the form by inputing your Blog title, Blog URL, Email address and Password.
Step 3 ==> Here, you have to choose from the list of Emotions designs available, then click "Done"
Step 4 ==> Then you will be given a Javascript code for the emotions you chose. Copy the javascript code and next is putting it below your blog (Which is the best place to put it)

Read Below To Add The Emotions To Your Blog Template 

Step 1 ==> Goto your blogger dashboard
Step 2 ==> Click "Templates" and tap the "EDIT TEMPLATE"
Step 3 ==>Now use tap anywhere in the template scripts and CTRL + F to search for code <data:post.body/>. 

Note : Like i do say in most of my posts that is related to adding codes in blog posts, this code "<data:post.body/>"
might appear more twice or thrice. Example is an article titled : how to add AdSense ad units code below blog post automatically. Don't panic just make use of the second one.

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Step 4 ==> Now paste the javascripts codes you copied (From Vicomi) and paste it just below <data:post.body/> , then "Preview" your template to cross check mistakes made while editing the template. If no error, "Save" your template.

Now that you have added the smiley reaction buttons to your blog (below post), users can now click any of them to show their reaction towards a particular post.

Is this helpful, drop your comments below about this. And read more blogging tips here.


  1. the feelbacks in blogger but in short time the reaction is vanished, viacomi dont working

  2. It works just fine, thank you!

    Feel free to visit my blog:

  3. i try on second but failed, then i paste on 3rd and it's working just i can really make people cry with some sad quotes or showing some love with love messages :)

    feel free to visit my blog

    Thank you so much for your very useful tutorial. I appreciate it so much.


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