November 07, 2016

How To Clear App Cache And Delete Junk Files On Android Phones using CCleaner To Reduce Sd Card Drainage

Shit! It pains me when my ram reduces fr no better reason but just because of app cache & junk data files. These two stuff simply reduce both external and internal Sd card Android phones which at the end of the day rendera it useless in the sense that makes the android device slower keep seizing.  When junk files piles up, it make android device slower and seize like i said earlier. So if you are experiencing this, i am here to provide solutions to it by all means using ccleaner .

This is an easy and solution to clean and clear up internal app cache on Android phones using CCleaner app . CCleaner app was once a leading software for PC (only) to clear cache & delete junk files, but now it now available on android device.

How To Clear App Cache And Delete Junk Files On Android Phones using CCleaner. 

  • Firstly download & install the CCleaner app for Android Here from PlayStore 
  • After installing the CCleaner app, it will show you a graphical chart of your phone storage. Then you can now clean junk file app but first needs to analyze which of the data is cache and junk. 

  • Therefore, for doing this, please checkmark the app or game you want to get rid of like Cache, History etc (as shown in alongside image) , NowTap on the "Analyze” button to start the data analysis process, it can take on maximum upto a couple of minutes for the app to analyze the data which is junk and can be cleaned
  • After analyzing process is finish, Simply tap on the “Clean” button.

That’s all you have to do to easily get rid of the junk files and internal app cache which are making your android phone to hang or seize and internal Sd card  reduce space drainage.

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