November 08, 2016

How To Clear The Data Of Any Vpn App To Enjoy More Of Free Unlimited Browsing

Data clearing is one of the best way enjoy any free browsing cheats that is little data capped"; meaning cheat that are capped at low data (60MB). An example is the etisalat nxtfwd cheat which was capped 60MB but me i used more than 1GB using the Data clearing trick. But i didn't enjoy etisalat 0.0k till today due to some personal reasons i can't dispose.

You can clear all apps data. Be it. messenger apps, chatting apps, photos editing apps, etc just to mention a few.

Benefits Of Clearing Apps Data

  • Increases The Ram Of Your Phone 
  • Increases The Memory Space Of Your Phone 
  • Make you enjoy long lasting free unlimited browsing cheats 
  • Make your phone faster while operating it (Not hanging) 
  • Refreshes Apps 
Disadvantages Of Clearing Apps Data
  • You will lose some data in your messaging apps like whatsapp, telegram, etc... Depending on the app data you clear. You are gonna use images, music etc. 
How To Clear The Data Of Any Vpn App To Enjoy More Of Free Unlimited Browsing 

To clear the data of any vpn app to enjoy more of free unlimited browsings, firstly click here to have an insight  of the article and follow below steps to continue. 

==> Go to "Settings"
==> Click "Apps"
==> Select the appapp you want to clear the data 
==> Click "Clear Data" as shown in the only image in this post. 

Your data will be cleared and with this, you will be able to enjoy long lasting free browsing cheat and other benefit as listed above 

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