November 22, 2016

How To Configure Your Blog Navigation Section via Template Editing For Easy Site Streaming

Hi guys, this is a blogger blogging tip, where i will be discussing how to setup or configure your blogger blog navigation section and this can be done via template editing. Navigation is very important in the live of a blog that helps users navigate through navigation pages easily. Without navigation, your blog is not yet fully designed or configured and this might lead to your blog getting disapproved by Google AdSense.

There are two types of blog navigation. One is "Page Navigation" which is located at the top of your blog and the second one is called "Label navigation" which is located under the "Page Navigation". The Page Navigation consists or title of labels and links of all pagee available in your blog while the Label navigation consists of title and links or availavailable labels in your blog. It can compulsory for all blog label to be in the Label navigation but essential ones that will make users navigate easily through them.

Now you see why you should setup or configure your blog navigation section and this can be done via template editing. These is not a easy task because different template with different site navigation setups. In most templates, your page title especially are already available but all you need to do is just add the links that all. But if your site has no navigation, you can add them today.

Check my site navigation below via Pc/Desktop view :

Check mobile view also for better understanding using android initiativ :

How To Configure Your Blog Navigation Section via Template Editing 

Step 1 ==> Log on to your Blogger Dashboard >> "Template" >> "EDIT TEMPLATE"

Step 2 ==> Now scroll down and look for yoir site navigation. I can't tell youyou how to get there because we might be using a different template. But i am sure you will recognize it when you sight it.

Step 3 ==> Now start editing the navigation bars and put the required. The top navigation bar must be containing navigation to all your pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap and many more

and the buttom navigation is meant to be containing links to your blog labels. It not a must you put all label put fix the one that users will be attracted to and easily navigate via them.

Now that you have edited them, your blog is now fully balanced. These is very necessary because bad site navigation may lead to disapproval by google AdSense when you will be getting message saying : “difficult site navigation”. This means your site navigation are bad, need to fix them.


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    1. Your website is cool but reduce the ads you implement on them to avoid :
      ==> Self Click
      ==> Self Impression
      ==> Slow Site loading
      ==> High bounce rate

  2. Hello pls i am still getting the difficult navigation on my blog...i have fix it but i haven't gotten approved...
    pls check out the blog navigation..

    Another proplem i jeep getting is the broken link and pop ups,reditects...i dont experience suxch in my blog but they just keep saying it....
    also check it out to know if you observe such...

    thanks in advance...

    1. Remove pop up ads from your blog via template to stop all pop up ads

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