November 14, 2016

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Without Using WhatsappPrime

Whatsapp messenger has now made it easy for whatsapp group admin to add participants using group invite link rather than the admin adding number to contact phone to add users to whatsapp and this can make contact phonebook full. So whatsapp has now made it easy for whatsapp group admin via invite links. But, the problem before was that you can't use normal whatsapp to create group invite link but with the use of WhatsappPrime.apk. 

Wow this is a good news that latest Whatsapp versions starting from 2.16.259 upward are now embedded with bahd features which you guys can enjoy using whatsapp. One of them is the latest "Two Step Authentication" feature which secures your whatsapp account from being hacked. Did i just say bad features, that is the reason why whatsapp will stop working on some device (all android below 4.0, all nokia, all blackberry except bb10). 

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Without Using WhatsappPrime 

To create whatsapp group invite link without using whatsappprime, follow below steps : 

Step 1 ==> Log on to your whatsapp then "do a long tap" on the group you want to create invite link for and click the three vertical dot and click "Group Info"

Step 2 ==> Now click "Add Participants" to add more members to your group or you can also use the add memeber icon. 

Step 3 ==> Now click "invite group via link" to get the url link of your whatsapp group for you to share. 

Step 4 ==> After clicking, you will see your whatsapp group invite link and you can do below with it : 
  • Send link via whatsapp 
  • Copy link 
  • Share link 
  • Revoke link 

You can now get more group participants via invite links. Is this helpful,drop your comments below and also you can drop your number to join my whatsapp group for free to stay updated.  

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