November 08, 2016

How To Display Or Hide Hidden Files And Folders On Android

Hidden files on Android helps yoir android weak by draining the sd card space which will make your phone seize, hang and exhibits what is not expected of it. Read this article to see unwanted displayed or hidden files to delete on your android phone. If you read that article and you didn't see some of hidden files, navigate again to this post to learn how to show hidden files on Android. Read below to get it done.

How To Display Hidden Files On Android ?

Step 1 ==> Go to File manager and click Sd card 0 or 1 (Sd card 0 is better)

Step 2 ==> Tap your android button and yiu will see a pop up options setting click the one that says ==> "Show hidden files" and immediately, all hidden files with will be hidden. To hide those hidden folder again just tab "Hide hidden files" and they wilp disappear.

How To Know A Hidden File And Folder ? 

To know an hidden folder or file on Android, there will be a dot in front of the file or folder title e.g .Horlartechgist 


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