November 06, 2016

How To Download Or Backup Blogger's Blog Template

Not all bloggers knows everything about blogging but knows how to blog when it comes to writing contents or articles. Most times blogger edit their blog template every day but always forget to backup their template before editing which is very bad. So in this article, i will teach you how to download or back up blogger's  blog template before editing or just for future use.

Why You Should Download Or Backup Your Bloggers Blog Template

You should download your template or do a backup for :

  • Sharing With Friends (Bloggers)
  • For Future Use 
  • For Replacement when error occurs in recent one. 
How To Download Or Backup Blogger's Blog Template

To Download Or Backup Blogger's Blog Template follow below steps.

Step 1 ==> Log on to your blogger dashboard

Step 2 ==> Go to "Template" below "Layout" and click "Backup/Restore"

Step 3 ==> You will see a small pop-up page. Here, click "Download Template" then your template will be downloaded for backup or restoration.

With this you can have your same blogger template in bulks. Meaning you can have as much of your template as you like be it 50... It depends on yout choice.

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