November 29, 2016

How To Fix "Insufficient Storage" While Downloading Apps From Google PlayStore - Playstore Problem

Google PlayStore is one of the best online and offline (app) platform by Google where you can search, find and download availaavailable android apps and games. Google PlayStore currently is filled with or has published more than 500K apps. PlayStore is now rated too high that Google who owns it has made an app for it called "Playstore". The app is a compulsory app which is inbuilt in all android app. Therefore to know an android phone, it must have PlayStore.

Playstore as cool as it is has many problems. The problems of PlayStore are :

  • Errors, and 
  • Insufficient Storage.  

I will only discuss about the insufficient Storage and later i will update all errors in PlayStore and how to fix them. My question is, have you ever tried to download an app from PlayStore amd it says ==> "Insufficient Storage"?, worry no more my tips will fix it. Before that, you can read some PlayStore error here and how to fix them

How To Fix "Insufficient Storage" While Downloading Apps From Google PlayStore 

Insufficient Storage means not enough space. That is are are no enough space to occupy the app or game you want to download from PlayStore. Therefore to fix insufficient storage on android while downloading apps or games from PlayStore, do below : 

1. Uninstall/Delete Unwanted Apps : 

Uninstalling unwanted apps is a way you can fix insufficient space to make your Sd card space be free. That is by uninstalling apps that are not useful at that particular moment you are trying to downloading an app from Google PlayStore. At least when you remove unwanted apps, you will have some free space available. 

2. Clear Apps/Games Data and junk files : 

Apps and games after installation and during usage drains storage card by creating data and junk files  to drain storages. I noticed this when i notice my SDCard is consuming space so i decided to clear the data of some apps on my phone. Apps like vpn apps which data files are useless. Therefore, read >>>>

3. Clean Up Memory : 

This also helps you fix "Insufficient Storage". Cleaning up memory is just like clearing multitasking or minimized app that will help reduce drainage of space. 

Bonus Tips 

Above are the best two tips to fix insufficient Storage in PlayStore while downloading an app or game. Below are some bonus tips also that can help 
  • Get a large memory card with enough space 
  • Stop running apps. 

I am sure that with all these tips, you will not encounter any problem while downloading any app or game from Google PlayStore. 


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