November 15, 2016

How To Get Approved Adsense Account in 2Hour Using Youtube Monetization [Hosted Account] (2016 Trick)

Hi guys, i am here to teach you guys on how to get a google AdSense account approved for your blogger or wordpress blog using youtube monetization trick. It may baffles you when you hear youtube ads working blog wnd ask it it possible? my friend it very possible that is why i called it a fast trick to get google adsense approved for your blog or website.

It no longer news that Google Adsense is one of the best Ad network for bloggers and WebMasters complied by ceo of google. But getting an approved
adsense account was never an easy
procedure. However, those days are passed where by you sign up for AdSense and you get approval immediately. But now it very hard but trick are available to get it.

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How To Get An Approved Adsense Account in 2 hour?

This trick works if you believe or not. But it will be an hosted account which won't work on blogger just like that but need some tricks we called "Upgrading" Therefore, just followfollow below steps to get your AdSense account approved within 2hrs using youtube monetization.

Step 1 ==> Firstly, you need create a new google account known as gmail using USA or UK as location for fast approval. If you use location like "Nigeria", my brother you are in another planet. Lol

Step 2 ==> Sign in to with the new GMail you just created.

Step 3 ==> Click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the YouTube desktop page snd click "My Channel"

Step 4 ==> Create a new channel with your desired name and when you are done with channel name, click "CREATE CHANNEL"

Step 5 ==> Channel will be created and you will be redirected to a page where you will upload or view your videos. You can create videos or leave it like that.

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Step 6 ==> Here click "Video Manager" and you will see some tabs automatically arranged vertically.

 Here click "CHANNEL" and them "Enable" Monetization in the YouTube "Status and Features".

Step 7 ==> Another pages opens saying :

Your account is not enabled for monetization. Enabling your account allows you to monetize your videos.
Having at least one video approved for monetization makes you a YouTube partner, which provides you with opportunities to improve your skills and build your audiences. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a YouTube partner.
Here click "Enable My Account"  to enable Monetization for your YouTube videos.

Step 8 ==> Agree with youtube terms and tick the three options and click "i accept"

Step 9 ==> Go back to "Channel" > click "Monetization" and click on “How will I be paid”? --- >  Associate an Adsense

Step 10 ==> You will be redirected to create a new Adsense account. Fill the form accordingly, ensuring you fill in real name (payee name) and address.

Once you have completed this process, you will be redirected back to YouTube. Thereafter, wait for at least 2 hours interval and check your mail. Congrats your account has been approved.

You cannot show yotube AdSense on blogger just like that because it is "YouTube Hosted" So if you want to Show Youtube ads on blogger, Stay Updated while i write the article. Thank you.


  1. Nice updates
    wen filling the form for Adsense
    which address should I put
    A USA address or my own address
    reply via


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