November 16, 2016

How To Hide Any File On Your Android Phone By Creating An Hidden Folder

Many of us using android phone have things to hide to keep out of reach to people or children especially. But we Android users nowadays don't reason, we don't know that what we are looking for in sokoto is even behind our "sokoto" What i am i trying to say here, i mean we Android use all sort of apps to hide files without even consulting for help to hide files without using app. Well it not our fault that is why most apps in google PlayStore are downloading by millions of android users and only 20% will make use of it.

Do you have any file in your android phone you want to hide from reach of friends, family or children especiall without using any app, you are at the right place. Here i will teach you how to hide any file in your android phone using an hidden folder. 

Files You Can Hide?
Like i said earlier, hide any type of file be it 
  • Android App "apk" file 
  • Image ( gif, png, jpeg, etc) file
  • Video (3gb or mp4) file 
  • Audio (Mp3 file)
  • And other files like doc, docx, txt, etc
Any of them with this trick i am about to offer you can hide below files in your android phone(s). 

  • Hide images not to display in gallery 
  • Hide videos not to display in gallery 
  • Hide music not to disaplay in music inbuilt app
  • Hide other files that won't disaplay in apps which are used to utilize them (Hope you understood) 

How To Hide Any File On Your Android Phone By Creating An Hidden Folder ? Read step wise guide below...... 

Step 1 ==> Go to your File manager > Choose an Sd where you want to hide files/folders.

Step 2 ==> Create a new folder and name it "HiddenFiles" then put a dot in front of the folder name (.HiddenFiles) 

Thereafter, the dot in front of ut will to make the folder an "Hidden but visible" folder like below snapshot. If you didn't see the hidden folder you created click here to fix issue

Step 3 ==> Now, all you do is start copying and pasting or moving the files you want to hide from tour android phone in to the "Hidden folder"

Step 4 ==> After you are done with step 3, lastly is to hide the hidden folder to make all the files also be hidden. Meaning when you hide the hidden folder containing files you wanna hide,all the files plus folder will be totally hidden from Sd card.  Therefore to hide the folder click here

Like i said in above layouts, when you hide images, tge image won't disaplay in gallery  and also if Hide videos, it won't display in gallery also. Same is applicable to other files when you hide them, they will never display again where you are seeing them before.

What do you think about this, is this helpful, drop your comments below.... 

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