November 08, 2016

How To Increase External Sd Card Space To Fix Insufficient Space

It is very annoying when you see your internal memory card get filled up snd later you get an external sd card and that too get filled up too. Here i am going to show you unwanted files tgat are hidden in your external ad card that reduces your memory space and hinder you not to download apps from playstore. These files too make you android phone seize when they fill your phone. So read below to delete unwanted files from your android sd card to increase your sd card space.

Unwanted Files that needs to be deleted to To Increase External Sd Card.

1. Thumbnail Files : Thumbnail files are hidden unwanted files which join it self together with images for you not to delete them to reduce external sd card space. These pile up to have larger files size of at least 60MB and they become many not just one file. Therefore, to delete thumbnail files, follow below steps.

Step 1 ==> Go to file manager and click "Sd card 0" which is also you external sd card.

Step 2 ==> Scroll down to click "DCIM" folder.

Step 3 ==> Click The hidden folder that titled ".thumbnails" 

Step 4 ==> And you will see hidden files with big size of at lest 28MB. Hmm just go back and delete the  ".thumbnails" folder and check your sd card, you will see it has increased.

Note : If you didn't see the thumbnail files, you have to unhide it via your file manager settings.

2. Android Files : These files are damn useless and they take up to 500MB of your space. Isn't that much read below to delete the files.

Step 1 ==> Go to "Sd card 0"

Step 2 ==> Delete the "Android folder" it is very use less snd contains useless file from playstore.

3. Whatsapp Database Files : Whatsapp data base file are files that helps you restore all your whatsapp data (images, chats, audio, video) when you uninstall and install your data. Whatsapp database files takes a lot od space than thumbnail files. Meaning you don't have to delete your whatsapp database files. But you can delete some and leave the last two

To delete database files go to SDCard 0 > Whatsapp > DataBase. Then delete all and leave the last two because the last two especially the last one titled - msgstore.db.crypt12 is very important to you for future use to restore back deleted datas.

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