November 17, 2016

How To Make Links Open In A New Window Or Tab - HTML Code For Opening Links In A New Browser Tab Or Window

This is a blogger's blogging tip for either wordpress or blogger platform. After creating a blog, there are so many things to do before you can call your blog an actual blog(Not Monetization Aspects). This article is very important in the life of a blog due to some reason which i will list here also. Making hyperlinks in a blogger blog post to open in a new window or tab is very essential while a blog reader is reading a blog post so that it can create a good reading experience for he or she and also navigate easily to hyperlinks in a new tab for good site navigation.

How To Make Links Open In A New Window Or Tab 

It is very interesting when a blog or website hyperlinks are opened in new tab when clicked. Therefore to make hyperlinks show in a new browser tab or window, do below 
How To? 
Just add target="_blank" attribute
to your link in HTML Mode In blogger and also in wordpress blog. 
<a href="">Naija Tech And Free Browsing Blog</a>
Will be 
<a href=""target="_blank">Naija Tech And Free Browsing Blog</a>
Change "" to your "hyperlinks url" and change "Naija Tech And Free Browsing" to the "title of the hyperlinks". If you don't still understand, view below snapshot! 

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Benefits Of Making Hyperlinks In Blog Posts Open In New Tab

1. Reduce Blog Bounce Rate : 

A situation whereby a blogger make hyperlinks in his or her blog posts open in a new tab, it make visitors happy, and encourage them to click more hyperlinks because more links opens in more new tab while the other main post will be differenciated and this will reduce your blog's bounce rate.

2. Increase Page Views and Traffic :

This also goes same way with reducing blog bounce rate. When bounce rate recduces, blog traffic increases. Therefore as a blogger, you must make your post's hyperlinks in new tab because visitors or readers might feel reluctant to visit your blog when heor she founds out that hyperlinks open in same tab where he or she is reading a post before.
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3. Makes Good Site Navigation :

Good site navigation comes up when a blogger make his hyperlinks open in new tabs or windows. That is readers will easily navigate to more pages to find the information they are looking for. 


In conclusion, you should make blog post hyperlinks open in new windows or tab so as for you not to loose blog followers and other essential blog stuffs.

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