November 08, 2016

How To Recieve Free Data From MTN Dialy After Downloading MyMTNApp

Recently, MyMTNApp is now available for download in both PlayStore for Android and AppStore for IOS 
which has a lot of features which i explained here. Also recently, MTN launched a new service called MCN. A service that gives you notification of missed calls viavia sms. 

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Now MyMTNApp has doubled it service which means you will now get free data dialy from mtn after you download MyMTN App. Be it for Android or IOS. At least 10MB of data will be rewarded to you daily. Isn't this cool. At least half bread is better than none. Even Etisalat is not doing this kind of thing after downloading their own MyEtisalatApp.

MyMTN App contains ads; not Google Admob ads but MTN Ad Platform which you can find on most blog like

To Recieve Free Data From MTN Dialy After Downloading MyMTNApp? 

To recieve free data from MTN daily, Sms MYMTN to 5018. Then you recieve an sms saying :
Hi, Checkout MYMTN on your phone. Download it today from

Now click the link in the sms which will direct you to PlayStore then download the MyMTNApp and you start recieving free data daily from MTN via the App.

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  1. But I am still seeing 0MB on my phone. When will I get the free 100MB. I have active subscription on my phone.


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